Introducing the Gemalto #IoTMaker Challenge

Can you come up with the next great idea for the Internet of Things? Submit your #IoTMaker Challenge ideas for the chance to win an iPhone 6...

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Gemalto M2M Fact or Fiction Quiz: Can you spot tech reality from science fiction?


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Trusting in mobile identity in Asia

What’s the one thing you can’t leave your house without: your wallet, or your house keys? Chances are it’s your mobile device....

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‘Making products secure’ – the Gemalto way

There are many companies that claim to secure your digital services, networks, servers and even whatever you have hosted in the cloud....

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The M2M city of the near future – infographic

What do you see in the city of the future?...

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IoTMaker featured

Introducing the Gemalto #IoTMaker Challenge


Can you come up with the next great idea for the Internet of Things? Submit your #IoTMaker Challenge ideas for the chance to win an iPhone 6


How today’s M2M technology is bringing KITT to life


As the #IoT Maker Challenge nears the finish line, we look at how M2M technology is driving the connected car

IoTMaker inspiration: our top five blog picks


As the IoTMaker competition heats up, we share some inspiration from around the Blogiverse. This is what some of our M2M friends are saying about the Internet of Things.

SMB survey

[Report] 77% of SMB IT pros cite employees as weakest link in Cloud security


When it comes to cloud security, what are the pressing concerns of IT pros at SMBs?  We went straight to the source – IT professionals at SMBs – and asked them. Our colleagues at CloudEntr, with the help of the Spiceworks IT community, recently surveyed 430+ IT pros to find what SMBs were really thinking about the […]

IoT sketch bike helmet (square)

IoT idea: Helmets update bikers in real time


As more submissions for the IoT Maker challenge flood in from across the globe, we’ve sketched out an idea from Vinicius Senger who suggested a smart helmet for bikers with EHS6, GPS, accelerometer and a camera.

The Home Depot

Why Microsoft isn’t to blame for Home Depot’s breach: an appeal for strong authentication


Home Depot dealt with its data breach by switching operating system but upon closer inspection it would perhaps have been better to invest in strong authentication technology and staff training.

Mobile Security

What can Apple Pay teach service providers about combining security in the cloud and on the device?


Hybrid security frameworks for NFC payment services.

Apple Watch

The James Bond effect and smart watches: making the techie mainstream


When it comes to your watch – does style trump functionality? Can you picture Bond teaming an Apple Watch with a tux? The promise of the smart watch market is huge. But to reach its full potential and drive true adoption, some barriers need to be overcome; including one of style.

Apple Pay

Will Apple Pay set the payments world alight?


Apple Pay has the potential to accelerate mobile payments but it needs to go beyond payment convenience in building a compelling proposition for retailers.


Are African mobile consumers ready for Mobile Marketing?


Gemalto VP of Mobile Marketing, Nadia Gonzalez, presents the findings of our consumer survey on mobile marketing in South Africa and Nigeria.

IoTMaker beyond the concept: A Swiss watch with an emergency call button


We take a look at the latest Swiss-made IoT solution that could change the game for people with care and security needs.