CIO research – your questions wanted


We’re shortly going to be researching CIOs globally on their views on security and authentication. What their concerns and pressure points are, what the barriers to implementing stronger security seem to be and where responsibility for security sits within an organization. However, we’d like YOU to pose the questions.

What would you ask? Let us know via the comment function.


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  2. Ardaman Kohli said:

    1. Your business already shares or would like to share sensitive information with partners/suppliers/customer. On a scale of 1 to 5, how important is it for you to secure this information, and control its dispersal?

    2. Should responsitibility for information/document security sit with the owner of the business process, or with the IT department?

  3. Ardaman,

    Thanks for your comments. These are excellent questions which we will work into our survey.

    All the best,


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