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Born in France, she studied English and Spanish before attending St Louis College where she gained a bachelor’s degree in business studies along with work experience in Spain and Switzerland. Agnes joined Schlumberger in 1991 in St. Etienne, France and has held positions in Technical, Marketing and general administration. In her telecom field marketing position, Agnes acts as the point of contact for the sales team and is responsible for gathering and reporting market information while also attending trade shows and events to market Gemalto telecom innovations like NFC. Settled in Gemalto’s North American headquarters in Austin, TX, Agnes is married with two teenage daughters and has a passion for wine, cooking and traveling. In her spare time she likes to keep fit with running and yoga. She has completed 3 Ironman triathlons.

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NFC for payments – time to ditch your wallet


Posted on 7th Jan 2014 by in Mobile

It’s becoming increasingly more possible in the U.S. to use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to make payments from your smartphone. NFC is one of the most popular and secure technologies for conducting mobile payment transactions. Over the past year we’ve seen banks, shops, and mobile operators all implementing NFC-friendly services in anticipation of the […]

The Ultimate Mobile Wallet is More than Payments


Posted on 19th Dec 2013 by in Mobile

Like most people, when I think of mobile wallets, I think of making a payment transaction: a quick, convenient, contactless payment transaction where I don’t ever have to pull out my card. But that’s the just the tip of the iceberg of what mobile wallets can do. The push for mobile wallets is driven by […]

How secure is NFC?


Posted on 2nd Dec 2013 by in Mobile

I’m occasionally asked: ‘Aren’t NFC payments vulnerable to hacking?” and “What if your NFC phone or card is stolen? Can’t someone just run off spending your money?” My answers are simple. Firstly, anything is vulnerable to hacking if it isn’t secured properly (even smart toilets); just make sure your NFC payment method is secured by […]

Spotlight on the U.S.: What’s new and cool in NFC?


Posted on 29th Oct 2013 by in Mobile

Near Field Communication, or NFC as it’s widely known, is playing a bigger part in our lives than ever before. You may not know it, but the past decade has seen NFC technology evolve from a distant technology specification into a real world solution for some of the most secure (and efficient) tech interactions we […]