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Mobile Marketing is my thing. I’m working to develop this offer within Gemalto I feel passionate about it because I think it’s only the beginning and will grow massively soon. If you see me around take note, you will never see me in clothes that don’t match perfectly.

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How can telecoms operators maximize loyalty? With big data.


Posted on 28th May 2013 by in Mobile

I recently attended an industry event in Munich, where I presented a keynote on customer loyalty in telecoms. One thing that surprised me at the event was that, for the first time in my career, the topics discussed in other keynote sessions, panels and roundtables differed significantly from the discussions I had in backstage with […]

The latest mobile marketing trends from MWC13 in Barcelona


Posted on 27th Feb 2013 by in Mobile

Hola! Here we are in the heart of Mobile World Congress 2013. What we can observe so far is that innovation is in full swing fostering discoveries and development and it really seems endless. The mobile ecosystem is expanding at lightning speed, challenging everyone to adapt at the same pace. So as not to get […]

QR codes and brand recognition via mobile


Posted on 25th Feb 2013 by in Mobile

Question from Ric Ferraro, Mobverge: QR codes have been used to a fairly wide extent by advertisers to try and bridge the gap between the virtual world and the physical world – providing consumers a way to benefit from special offers for example. Given the generally low uptake by consumers of QR codes, when do […]

Where’s the money in customer experience management?


Posted on 24th Feb 2013 by in Mobile

What is the most effective channel for customer interaction? Email marketing? Social media? A recent survey we’ve conducted along with Telecoms.com suggests that it could well be mobile marketing – so long as it is used properly! Almost 90 per cent of operator respondents felt that mobile marketing is important or even essential to a […]

As with the desktop web, will mobile advertising become the predominant monetization mechanism in mobile? If so, how will NFC tie into this ecosystem? – Question from Simon Judge, Mobile Phone Development


Posted on 21st Feb 2013 by in Mobile

Simon Judge of Mobile Phone Development asked whether mobile advertising will become the principal income driver in mobile. The growth of mobile and the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) means more of us have smart computing devices with us most, if not all of the time. As Simon mentions in his question, we […]

Sunny customer loyalty in Dubai


Posted on 30th Jan 2013 by in Mobile

Stepping off a flight in Dubai in the middle of winter is like entering a warm and welcoming hotel lobby – which is where I was recently for a conference on Maximising Customer Loyalty & Profitability in the Middle East. Despite not being able to take advantage of the sunshine and warmth as it was […]

Enhancing customer loyalty – insights from Berlin


Posted on 3rd Dec 2012 by in Mobile

Hello from Berlin where we have been attending the Telecom Loyalty and Retention event, exploring how to improve customer loyalty and retention in the telecoms industry. Over the last three days we have heard about new trends and experiences in loyalty programs as well as the challenges operators and service providers are facing. Below are […]

Where was mobile marketing at Mobile World Congress?


Posted on 5th Mar 2012 by in Mobile

You can cough Jonathan McDonald, because, at first glance, there wasn’t much news announced on mobile marketing this year at Mobile World Congress. That’s not to say there wasn’t any activity, it was just very similar to previous years. For example: There was the same App Planet space with the same booths (Velti, BuzzCity, .mobi, […]