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Frederic has more than 10 years’ experience in telecoms and a strong focus on payment and transport solutions. He works in Marketing at Gemalto, bringing his expertise to its NFC secure element offer. He is passionate about new technologies and new uses of mobile changing people's life, as well as sparing time for cooking, football and making music.

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How are multi-ticketing NFC mobiles making commuting and international travel easier?


Posted on 3rd Nov 2015 by in Mobile

Commuting and traveling as a business tourist can be a stressful experience but new technology enabling ‘global roaming’ is making it easier…

Which subways are the best at embracing new technology?


Posted on 6th Oct 2015 by in Financial Services

Using the subway when travelling on business or leisure can be a great way to explore a city. We list some of the best systems that are adding technology to make the journey experience seamless.

Why mobile NFC is the future of transport ticketing


Posted on 22nd Jun 2015 by in Mobile

As the world adopts contactless payments on a grand scale, now is the time for public transport authorities to consider mobile NFC payments.

How increasing simplicity and convenience in payment will transform our society


Posted on 24th Apr 2015 by in Mobile

New payment solutions make life easier for shoppers, but what do they offer retailers, and what is the next step they need to take to embrace these innovations?

Four ways the NFC for Transport launch in Madrid will make life easier for metro and bus users


Posted on 5th Mar 2015 by in Mobile

Earlier in the week here at Mobile World Congress 2015, we were very happy to announce the launch of NFC for Transport in Madrid, in partnership with the CRTM (Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid), and Telefonica, Spain’s leading mobile network operator. For this pilot project, we’re delivering our own Allynis Trusted Service Manager ​(TSM) […]

Five things we’ve learned about the transport industry in 2014


Posted on 13th Feb 2015 by in Corporate

The transportation industry is experiencing a fresh wave of innovation and we explore some of the key trends from 2014 that caught our attention.

Gemalto @ Transport Ticketing London 2015


Posted on 12th Feb 2015 by in Corporate

Opening up the world of contactless mobile services at Transport Ticketing London 2015
January saw Transport Ticketing London bring together all of the key players in the transport ticketing world. Representatives from all aspect of the ticketing infrastructure were there to discuss the key topics that are driving, or obstructing, the adoption of new ticketing technologies.

The revolution will come by road or by rail


Posted on 2nd Jan 2014 by in Mobile

Sometimes, in this crazy life, time stops for a while. People spend more and more time on public transport, where all you have to do is just… wait. Did you know that people spend on average 2 hours 20 minutes per day commuting, according to Ericsson ConsumerLab? So, if you’re a commuter, how do you […]

Wallet Wars 2013 – A New Hope


Posted on 30th May 2013 by in Mobile

As I mentioned in my last blog, I was lucky enough to attend the high-spirited Wallet Wars conference in New York earlier this month. In amongst the action, it became apparent that the general consensus is that the mobile wallet can become big business, but it still has a number of hurdles to overcome. More […]

Wallet Wars – Coming to a Mobile Near You Soon


Posted on 20th May 2013 by in Mobile

I was recently at the Wallet Wars conference in New York hearing about the opportunities and challenges that the mobile wallet space offers. And what a spectacle it was! In such a fast-moving and evolving industry, it can be hard to keep up with the latest players: Square, Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft are all […]