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Marketing Manager. Blogs on happenings in enterprise security with a special interest in the security of digital assets and online gaming. Enjoys grilling, gaming, and live music…a perfect fit for Austin, TX.

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Securing Gamer Accounts and Online Assets


Posted on 7th Sep 2011 by in Enterprise Security

My final installment in this series features the security of a player’s online persona or assets. If you’ve ever played a game that involves accomplishments or accumulating items, you know how much you care about this layer of security.  No one wants to wake up one morning, log in to World of Warcraft and find […]

Securing Gamer Identities


Posted on 2nd Sep 2011 by in Enterprise Security

The Internet can be a scary place or so I was told repeatedly during my PC gaming days. It was often difficult to explain to people the draw of an online community or the satisfaction of tackling a challenge with like-minded gamers. The people on the other end of maze of Ethernet cables weren’t real, […]

Securing the game


Posted on 1st Sep 2011 by in Enterprise Security

There are several aspects of a game that present security challenges for the gaming experience. Developers address most of these challenges themselves because the exposures represent first order issues to be tackled during the software development phase of game production. Another reason developers have a vested interest in this layer is the fact that these […]

Introducing gaming security


Posted on 1st Sep 2011 by in Enterprise Security

In the wake of high-profile leaks, breaches, and hacks at large companies I took some time to reflect on my experiences as a gamer. I can’t argue that I’ve had the longest or most successful gaming career, but I certainly have enjoyed being a part of a community and ecosystem that is unique to my […]