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Ken Abbott. Head of Web Communications. Blogs about all facets of Gemalto, especially evolving digital security trends. Enjoys motorcycling along the back roads of Provence, France.


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Bringing Contactless EMV payment to Student ID Cards


Posted on 8th Dec 2011 by in Corporate

Santander Universities Global Division develops innovative new technlogies, including university smart cards. Vicente Prior de Castro describes the multiple uses for these ID cards, including the latest innovation, EMV contactless payment.

Clever communication for Smart Cities


Posted on 17th Nov 2011 by in IoT

World population is predicted to hit 9 billion by the year 2050, and those next 2 billion people will be urban dwellers. Managing the cities of tomorrow will require doing a better job at providing housing, transportation and energy, and doing so in a sustainable way.

Video: Visa’s TIP program will accelerate EMV in the US


Posted on 13th Oct 2011 by in Corporate

Video interview with Jack Jania, SVP Secure Transactions in North America, discussing the push and pull factors which now guarantee EMV adoption in the US.

What we can learn from India’s identity card program?


Posted on 12th Sep 2011 by in Corporate

India’s national ID scheme strives to build social inclusion at a time when economic inequalities are growing around the world.

Hyper-personalized Banking cards and services


Posted on 8th Aug 2011 by in Corporate

Alain Martin explains how instant card issuance, custom or personal photos on bank cards and PIN services over mobile phones add up to happier customers and better loyalty.

To us, the A.T. Kearney award is not just another award


Posted on 17th Jun 2011 by in Corporate

[Video] Xavier Larduinat explains how the A.T. Kearney award recognizes more than just one bright idea for a product.

Will European ATM fraud decrease finally push EMV in the US?


Posted on 20th Apr 2011 by in Corporate

Probably not, but two major US banks announce EMV products for their customers who frequently travel abroad.

Smart Badge Holder wins an award at Cartes in Asia


Posted on 29th Mar 2011 by in Corporate

Wow! Our first time at Cartes in Asia and we won an award!

Will WiFi roaming provide some relief?


Posted on 16th Feb 2011 by in Mobile

Get high-speed WiFi data rates, wherever you are. Your MNO will handle the access rights and billing for you. It might even make Neelie Kroes happy (well, let’s not exagerate).

So what exactly does Gemalto do?


Posted on 13th Feb 2011 by in Corporate

We provide convenient, easy-to-use security for your digital world. If I had to put it one sentence, that’s what I would say.