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Works in marketing on advanced technologies, including LTE for Gemalto’s Telecom Business. Blogs on LTE trends & market evolutions. With German origins, but likes good French food & wine!

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LTE advances demand increased – and award-winning – security


Posted on 28th Jun 2013 by in Mobile

The recent prediction from research consultancy IDATE that there will be 1 billion LTE subscribers globally by 2015 shows us how the world of mobile WiFi is evolving faster than ever before.  This world is not only evolving, but also growing rapidly as we can see considerable development in the US as Verizon Wireless have […]

LTE World Summit: Seamless connectivity is the key to customer loyalty


Posted on 24th Jun 2013 by in Mobile

The subject of indoor vs. outdoor mobile internet access is much debated. Currently, consumers have very different expectations when they access the internet via a mobile device indoors, and when they do so outdoors. As Dean Bubley highlighted on his blog recently, most users expect to jump through a small hoop, like ‘watching an advert, […]

Should 2G be ‘switched off’?


Posted on 8th Aug 2012 by in Mobile

I was reading earlier with interest Ewan MacLeod’s blog post on the problems facing UK mobile data users and how it is still patchy. We have been blogging for a while on the future that beckons with 4G (LTE) but at the moment, in the UK, the time has not come yet. The news that […]

Does mobile performance deserve a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics?


Posted on 31st Jul 2012 by in Mobile

So, for all those interested, the 2012 Olympics are fully underway in the UK. Sports enthusiasts around the world are following their favorite disciplines and notching up the medals each athlete is winning. If the Beijing Olympics were called the first ‘Digital Olympics’, the 2012 are angling for the first ‘Social Olympics’ tag. And so […]

Voice over LTE matters to operators


Posted on 20th Jun 2012 by in Mobile

We have previously blogged about the challenges that LTE still faces, despite the general agreement being that LTE provides a great opportunity for operators. At the same event, the recent LTE Conference in Barcelona, as well as seeing the challenges, we also saw one key theme emerging that can demonstrate just how important LTE is […]

What are the key challenges facing LTE?


Posted on 18th Jun 2012 by in Mobile

Long Term Evolution (LTE) – it’s been around for a while now. Offering mobile network operators a new standard to initiate high-speed wireless communications, the possibilities arising from LTE, also called 4G technology, are endless. Aside from a better customer experience, just consider the revenue opportunities in terms of value-added services if consumers can take […]

What is LTE and what will it bring to operators?


Posted on 1st Mar 2012 by in IoT

There’s been a lot of debate and discussion around Long Term Evolution (LTE), sometimes referred to as 4G technology. The move towards LTE is proving to be a key driver in the creation and launch of new services, particularly those being launched at this week’s Mobile World Congress. But what it is? In short, it’s […]

How will LTE / 4G affect app developers and publishers, and how will it affect their business models? – Question from Mobile Heroes’ Helen Keegan


Posted on 24th Feb 2012 by in IoT

In the latest post of our series answering questions from mobile influencers, here is our response to Mobile Heroes’ Helen Keegan. Helen provided us with a number of different questions this year, and you can read our answers to her M2M-related queries here. Helen asked us how LTE / 4G will affect the average app […]