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Business development director for the security division of Gemalto North America. He is responsible for the strategic marketing, business development and government affairs activities in the government and healthcare sectors. Michael blogs on these sectors with a US perspective.

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Multi-Factor Authentication on the Way for Healthcare


Posted on 18th Sep 2012 by in Corporate

This week, I am the bearer of good news – it looks like multi-factor authentication is going to be a mandatory requirement in the US healthcare system. First things first, some background: as we speak, a federal advisory group (HIT Policy Committee) is shaping policies which will affect how we access information in our healthcare […]

Can Smart Cards Save the Medicare System 30 Billion Dollars Per Year?


Posted on 3rd Oct 2011 by in Corporate

Fraudulent claims and identity theft are widely known as the bane of the Medicare system, as it suffers more than $60 billion in fraud every year through practices like phantom billing and durable medical equipment fraud.   The system in place pays first, and then chases the fraud after the fact.  Wouldn’t it be better to […]

Building a More Secure Internet


Posted on 10th Jun 2011 by in Corporate

It is critical that consumers are certain that the site they visit is the one they intended to access. A new policy signed by the Obama Administration will change the way we do business on the internet.