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Residing in the vibrant tech community of Austin, Texas. As CMO at Gemalto, I'm working to achieve our global vision that all of our interactions with the digital world should not only be secure but also convenient. Interested in new-to-the-world businesses and all sports.


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The importance of listening – but not too much


Posted on 30th Nov 2012 by in Corporate

We currently live in a world that never switches off. Conversations are happening in person, over communications networks and online at all times. We have multiple distractions: distractions such as cell phones, computers, iPods and 24/7 television. We are constantly talking. Even when listening we are continually chattering in our brain, formulating an answer, or […]

Internet economics – transforming payments is key to future growth


Posted on 12th Jun 2012 by in Corporate

The internet will only get bigger and better. Or, that’s an impression you get from reading some of the reports compiled by the likes of Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey and any of the organizations looking at the impact of the Internet on our future economies. These reports are looking at the future of our economies, […]

Digital security: What does it mean to be free?


Posted on 19th Mar 2012 by in Corporate

The rapid change in the way people interact with brands is exciting. It gives the customer complete choice in how they engage with brands. However, as more personal data is shared companies must also protect customers from the increased risk of identity theft, which struck high profile brands with a vengeance in 2011.