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In charge of the Marketing and Communications in Asia Pacific, based in Singapore, the tech savviest country in the world. Mobile payments, telecommunications, machine to machine and online authentication, you can ask him anything about digital security - just don't ask him to sing.

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Our Top Technology Predictions for Australia in 2015


Posted on 10th Feb 2015 by in Mobile

The top trends for tech in Australia in 2015 – Biometric, Mobile ID, and contactless technologies.

The Security Pyramid: Building a Base for Global NFC Adoption


Posted on 21st Oct 2014 by in Mobile

Trust is a critical part of security and therefore, a key component in the widespread adoption of mobile payment technology. How can businesses build a secure environment to assure consumers?

Australia’s Mobile Payment Journey: Growth and Potential


Posted on 28th Aug 2014 by in Mobile

Mobile technology has come a long way in recent years and continues to open up new doors in payments. Innovation in payments has been driven by not only forward-thinking retailers and banks, but also by consumers who are looking for the added speed, convenience and security offered by mobile payments. This has created an exciting […]

Smart cities in Asia are a necessity, not a luxury


Posted on 17th Jun 2014 by in Mobile

In the third post of our blog series celebrating Mobile World Expo in Shanghai last week, we’re exploring the role that M2M communications has to play (and will continue to play) in the Asia Pacific region. In the near future, everyone will be dealing with enormous quantities of data from all areas of industry and […]

Trusting in mobile identity in Asia


Posted on 16th Jun 2014 by in Mobile

What’s the one thing you can’t leave your house without: your wallet, or your house keys? Chances are it’s your mobile device.

Payments in Asia: a multi-tier economy?


Posted on 10th Jun 2014 by in Mobile

With Mobile Asia Expo kicking off tomorrow, over the next few days on the blog we’ll be taking a look at three key areas of the Asian mobile market, starting with payments. The first thing to remember when looking at the Asian market is that to consider it as a single entity is somewhat misleading. […]