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Works in Mobile Marketing at Gemalto. I am particularly keen on launching and developing a new Mobile Advertising offer called LASSOO. I feel passionate about it. This journey is just starting and I am convinced it will be a great experience. Chocolate & Chantilly are two of my favourite things…don’t even try to challenge me!

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Location, Location, Location!! Three ways to boost your business with Location Based Services


Posted on 3rd Aug 2015 by in Mobile

In a mobile and digital environment, being able to target a customer in a timely and localized manner can have a huge impact on your business. In this blog, we look at how to make the most of location based marketing.

Brands prove the value of mobile marketing


Posted on 14th Nov 2013 by in Mobile

We often extol the virtues of mobile marketing and the role that the cellphone can play in forging stronger relationships between brands and consumers. As with anything though, the proof lies in the pudding. That is, it’s the proof points and case studies that really make people sit up and take notice. Which is why […]

Smartphones can save the high street


Posted on 12th Nov 2013 by in Corporate

Reporting live from the MMA EMEA Forum in London, mobile is naturally at the core and forms a connection point to all devices. And the good news is that there has been a huge amount of progress in mobile marketing over the last five years. Did you know, for example, that smartphone penetration in the […]

Who is the ‘Empowered Consumer’?


Posted on 25th Apr 2013 by in Mobile

A fortnight ago on the blog, I mentioned an upcoming whitepaper looking at how marketers can engage with new, mobile consumers. I’m pleased to say that this paper has now been released, and can be downloaded in full here. As with all marketing, before attempting to reach your target consumers you have to understand them. […]

Big bang data


Posted on 18th Apr 2013 by in Mobile

Pick up any magazine or read any online publication and I guarantee you’ll see a reference to the Big Data phenomenon. And why wouldn’t you? The statistics speak for themselves: every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data and IBM claims that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in […]

Engaging with the mobile consumer


Posted on 2nd Apr 2013 by in Mobile

It’s fair to say that the modern consumer is bombarded with marketing messages. Before even arriving at their desk on a Monday morning, the average person will already have been exposed to radio advertising whilst they get dressed, print ads in their morning paper, billboard advertising on their walk to the station and yet more […]

MWC13: How not to build a mobile campaign


Posted on 27th Feb 2013 by in Mobile

Day two and three at #MWC13 saw more big brands and emerging innovators take to the world stage, but among the hustle and bustle of the trade show, I had the pleasure of attending a conference on mobile marketing; you may have been there too? The title: How Not to Build a Mobile Campaign, certainly […]

Turkish delights and insights from MMA


Posted on 28th Nov 2012 by in Mobile

Following on from our initial write-up of the Mobile Marketing Association Forum in Istanbul we have gained further insights around how mobile is changing customer expectations and demand. With Turkey a burgeoning hub of digital brand engagement with consumers hungry for content, where best than to hear about some of the best practices brands can […]

Mobile Marketing in Istanbul


Posted on 16th Nov 2012 by in Mobile

Greetings from Istanbul, the city that connects Europe with Asia, where we are at the MMA Forum. In the same way that Turkey offers a plethora of experiences and different levels of technological aptitude, we have heard from many brands on the challenges they face when it comes to driving consumer engagement via the ubiquitous […]

Why mobile is the new king of advertising


Posted on 2nd May 2012 by in Mobile

We are entering into a new and critical phase of development in the mobile industry. The discussion is no longer centered on whether mobile fits in the marketing mix: mobile has clearly earned its place at the table. Just look at some of the numbers being cited: David MacQueen of Strategy Analytics recently predicted that […]