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Works in Corporate Comms managing branding & content. Blogs on all things Gemalto, especially events and corporate affairs. A British exile in Provence with an ever growing list of sports injuries. Personal tweets at @FactBoyTim

Website: http://www.gemalto.com

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Our MWC25 winner


Posted on 14th Apr 2015 by in Mobile

The results of our MWC 2025 competition

From selfie-cars to midi-chlorians: Five 2015 April Fools’ gags we wish were real


Posted on 13th Apr 2015 by in Corporate

From a car that helps you take the perfect selfie, to mystical forces, this year’s April Fools’ were some of the best yet.

Four fun, quick things to do at MWC 2015


Posted on 4th Mar 2015 by in Mobile World Congress

This year’s Mobile World Congress has more on offer than ever before. In this short post, we show you some fun things you can do if you have a spare 20 minutes of down time.

MWC After Dark: Where to go when the hard work is over


Posted on 27th Feb 2015 by in Mobile

Mobile World Congress may be the biggest annual event in the mobile world, but it’s not just the innovations at the even that brings Barcelona to life. Here, we recommend the best parties, bars and restaurants for you to visit once the sun goes down…

Who to follow at Mobile World Congress 2015


Posted on 26th Feb 2015 by in Mobile

We’ve hand-picked the best people to follow online for MWC 2015 news, interesting blogs and keynote presentations.

Six things to pack in your MWC survival bag


Posted on 25th Feb 2015 by in Mobile

We’ve compiled a list of what every well-prepared MWC attendee should pack in their bag to ensure their experience is a successful one.

Mobile 2025: Predict the future of Mobile World Congress in 10 years


Posted on 17th Feb 2015 by in Mobile

Mobile World Congress, arguably the biggest event in the tech calendar, is just a few weeks away. Drawing over 70,000 of the brightest minds from around the globe to display and discuss the next big thing in mobile. We’re expecting to see a lot on wearables, tablets, iterative improvements to last year’s Smartphones, more movement […]

Introducing the Gemalto #IoTMaker Challenge


Posted on 29th Sep 2014 by in M2M

Can you come up with the next great idea for the Internet of Things? Submit your #IoTMaker Challenge ideas for the chance to win an iPhone 6

Gemalto M2M Fact or Fiction Quiz: Can you spot tech reality from science fiction?


Posted on 23rd Sep 2014 by in M2M

Machine to Machine (M2M) technology is getting more column inches than ever thanks to an explosion of news about the Apple Watch, and more generally, the way that wearable technology and home automation technology is making the internet of things a reality. Most of us know about the huge potential health and fitness apps have […]

It’s the 25th anniversary of the web – are you more productive now than in the past?


Posted on 12th Mar 2014 by in Corporate

As today marks the 25th anniversary of the web and with the world’s information at our fingertips and more processing power than Apollo 11 in our pockets, one would imagine that humans are now more productive in their daily activities than ever before. Now that we no longer need to retrieve files, research precedents and […]