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How does Back to the Future’s Hill Valley 2015 compare to today’s reality? Part 2: Connected Cars and Wearable Tech


Posted on 3rd Mar 2015 by in Mobile

In part 2 of special MWC blog series, we look at the predictions Back to the Future Part 2 made for connected cars and wearable technology

How does Back to the Future’s Hill Valley 2015 compare to today’s reality? Part 1: Identity and Payment


Posted on 2nd Mar 2015 by in Mobile

To celebrate Mobile World Congress, we’re looking at how reality compares with the technological vision of 2015 presented by the classic movie Back to the Future Part 2. Today, we assess identity and payment.

Six things to pack in your MWC survival bag


Posted on 25th Feb 2015 by in Mobile

We’ve compiled a list of what every well-prepared MWC attendee should pack in their bag to ensure their experience is a successful one.

In detail: the #IoTMaker winning 3G Bushfire Alert System


Posted on 18th Feb 2015 by in M2M

Earlier this month we announced the winner and runners-up for the #IoTMaker Challenge, with Jason Mitcheson’s 3G Bushfire Alert System proving to be the judges’ top pick. As we did previously with other entries to the contest, including a smart bike for motorcycle riders, smart swear jar and traffic accident detector, we’ve mocked up a […]

Mobile 2025: Predict the future of Mobile World Congress in 10 years


Posted on 17th Feb 2015 by in Mobile

Mobile World Congress, arguably the biggest event in the tech calendar, is just a few weeks away. Drawing over 70,000 of the brightest minds from around the globe to display and discuss the next big thing in mobile. We’re expecting to see a lot on wearables, tablets, iterative improvements to last year’s Smartphones, more movement […]

Gemalto @ Transport Ticketing London 2015


Posted on 12th Feb 2015 by in Corporate

Opening up the world of contactless mobile services at Transport Ticketing London 2015
January saw Transport Ticketing London bring together all of the key players in the transport ticketing world. Representatives from all aspect of the ticketing infrastructure were there to discuss the key topics that are driving, or obstructing, the adoption of new ticketing technologies.

How the IoT could have saved the Seahawks from Super Bowl disaster at the one yard line


Posted on 11th Feb 2015 by in M2M

Unfortunately for the Seahawks, their last minute drive in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl XLIX fell short at the one yard line. In this post, we look at how the IoT could have saved them from what’s being called one of the worst play calls in NFL history.

The winning idea from our #IoTMaker Challenge: 3G Bushfire Alert System


Posted on 9th Feb 2015 by in M2M

The time has come – our panel of expert judges has come to a decision; they’ve chosen the 3G Bushfire Alert System as the winning idea from our shortlisted IoTMaker Challenge entries. In this post we explore why it’s such a deservedly winning idea.

It’s time to move away from traditional passwords and prioritize online security


Posted on 5th Feb 2015 by in Enterprise Security

Whilst it’s good ‘password’ is no longer the number 1 password (now it’s number 2), there hasn’t been enough progress with regard to consumer and business habits – multi-factor authentication is the only way to address this safely; in this post, we explain why.

Using the Trusted Service Hub to accelerate mobile payments adoption in a fragmented ecosystem


Posted on 29th Jan 2015 by in Mobile

We look at how the Trusted Services Hub can bridge the fragmentation endemic in mobile payments and accelerate deployments and consumer acceptance of the new services