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How can we protect the future of eCommerce from Card-Not-Present fraud?


Posted on 13th Oct 2015 by in Financial Services

As eCommerce grows around the world, so does the risk of CNP (Card Not Present) fraud; this is why we’ve developed DCV (Dynamic Code Verification). In this post, we explain how this next-generation technology will be the key to securing ecommerce payments.

The evolution of payment cards – what’s next?


Posted on 12th Oct 2015 by in Financial Services

Multi-purpose payment cards have come a long way since their beginning in 1950. Before we reveal the next step for payment card innovation, we’ve taken a brief look at how far this evolution has come.

Which subways are the best at embracing new technology?


Posted on 6th Oct 2015 by in Financial Services

Using the subway when travelling on business or leisure can be a great way to explore a city. We list some of the best systems that are adding technology to make the journey experience seamless.

An EMV Bullseye: Taking chip card security one step further with the PIN


Posted on 1st Sep 2015 by in Financial Services

We have frequently written on the upcoming fraud liability shift in the U.S., and now, this change is imminent. We take a look at what this means for those in the U.S., reflecting on how other parts of the world have successfully implemented EMV technology.

Three things you should know about the rise of mobile banking


Posted on 24th Aug 2015 by in Financial Services

Mobile banking continues to grow in usage; in this post, we look at where it’s growing fastest, and what we should bear in mind for the future.

Contactless technology beyond payment


Posted on 29th Jul 2015 by in Financial Services

Contactless technology extends far beyond just payment. More and more vendors in the entertainment, social media and retail industries are utilizing it as a way to build their communities by allowing fans and consumers to get even more out of the experience.

Trend alert: events are going cashless with payment wristbands


Posted on 24th Jun 2015 by in Financial Services

Contactless payments are surging in popularity, and a new wearable is joining the lineup: the wristband. Major events across the globe have started using contactless wristbands to make transactions easier, faster, and more fun for attendees and merchants alike. These wristbands are designed with embedded contactless technology that can securely link to a user’s payment card information. The user […]

A complete payment security package: EMV, tokenization, encryption


Posted on 21st May 2015 by in Financial Services

There is no question that technology advancements in mobile payments and wearables are having an impact on the payments industry. Consumers are turning to smartphones and wearables, like festival wristbands and smartwatches, to manage their money in a quicker, more efficient way.  Easy, “tap & go” contactless payments are also on the rise. Just last […]

How our wearable technology is improving the fan experience at Saracens Rugby Club


Posted on 11th May 2015 by in Financial Services

Our smart wristbands were a hit at Saracens’ final home game of the season. Read on to find out what fans and bloggers thought.

Creating a cashless stadium one tap at a time, at Saracens Rugby Club


Posted on 8th May 2015 by in Financial Services

We’re trialling our smart wristbands at Saracens this weekend, ahead of a full launch in the fall.