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Why everyone is betting on the Internet of Food to safeguard global food security


Posted on 14th Aug 2015 by in M2M

With the global population set to rise to unprecedented levels in the decades to come, we take a look at how the Internet of Things can help agriculture meeting growing demand.

Four ways connected car security has to improve to avoid new hacker attacks


Posted on 14th Aug 2015 by in M2M

The recent connected car hacks have highlighted the approach to securing vital systems and components needs to change. In this post, we explore how that can happen.

Fashion Sense Meets Tech Sensibility


Posted on 11th Aug 2015 by in M2M

Wearable technology is the new trend, sparking innovation in all areas: communication, fitness, safety, photography, and more. But one detail is sorely lacking: Style.

Going off-road: Will the connected car end up left in the dust?


Posted on 4th Aug 2015 by in M2M

When Haider Iqbal went dune bashing and off-roading, thoughts of connected car safety came to mind, following recent car hacking stories.

The Wired Jeep Hack is not a modern “Christine” but shows we’d better secure who is in the driver’s seat


Posted on 29th Jul 2015 by in M2M

Last week, hackers cut the engine of a Wired journalist’s car on the highway. This has implications for trust in the Internet of Things.

Five ways the Internet of Things will change your mobile experience


Posted on 22nd Jul 2015 by in M2M

The smartphone is set to benefit hugely from the new levels of connectivity offered by the Internet of Things. We explore how your mobile experience will change.

Survey says security and standardization are keys to expansion of Industrial IoT


Posted on 9th Jul 2015 by in M2M

Working with, we’ve helped deliver an outlook on the IoT for 2015, which shows how security and standardization are the keys to expansion of the Industrial IoT.

Introducing the Intelligence IoT Outlook 2015 report


Posted on 8th Jul 2015 by in M2M

1,000 telecom and enterprise technology professionals give their thoughts on the industry to help businesses develop their own IoT strategies and initiatives.

Laetitia Jay talks IoT with the UK’s Daily Telegraph


Posted on 7th Jul 2015 by in M2M

2015 has been called the year of the Internet of Things. Our VP of M2M marketing and services Laetitia Jay spoke to the Daily Telegraph (UK) about what the IoT is, and its benefits

Summer essentials from the Internet of Things


Posted on 29th Jun 2015 by in M2M

In this post, we’ve outlined three new IoT innovations to help you make the most of your summer.