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Four reasons why the new Samsung Gear S2 is technologically significant


Posted on 6th Oct 2015 by in Mobile

The Samsung Gear S2 brings innovative UI, an embedded SIM for voice and data connectivity, and built in contactless payments. We look into the features that make it significant.

Three guiding principles for your mobile payments strategy


Posted on 24th Sep 2015 by in Mobile

We spoke to NFC World for a webinar on issuer strategy when it comes to mobile payments. Read on to view the video and read about how they should approach implementing solutions.

License to bill: making charge-to-bill services a reality in Europe


Posted on 22nd Sep 2015 by in Mobile

Buying digital goods on your phone bill is well established. But what if you could so the same for physical products? We look at efforts in Europe to make this happen

Google’s Android Pay adds critical mass to mobile payments’ momentum


Posted on 15th Sep 2015 by in Mobile

Google has just launched Android Pay. This adds potentially another 30% of smartphone users able to use mobile payments. When combined with Apple Pay and the upcoming Samsung Pay, it’s clear the NFC payment ecosystem is growing fast.

How Samsung and Apple will grow the mobile payment ecosystem, their own way


Posted on 10th Sep 2015 by in Mobile

Mobile services are shaping the future of payments; in this post, we explain how Samsung Pay will also be a big part of that.

Free webinar: how to develop a mobile payments roadmap


Posted on 3rd Sep 2015 by in Mobile

The mobile world is changing faster than ever before, especially with the rise of new payment systems such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. The onus of keeping up with the times is now on issuers and processors who need to make sure they have mobile payment strategies in place that will appeal […]

The mobile money opportunity: latest stats and challenges for 2015


Posted on 28th Aug 2015 by in Mobile

With mobile-based money transfers expected to increase by 150% this year, we look at what’s driving growth and what MNOs have to gain

The contactless payments revolution could save market stalls and high streets


Posted on 6th Aug 2015 by in Mobile

With card payments overtaking cash in many parts of the world, traditional outdoor vendors could consider contactless as a way to boost sales.

Location, Location, Location!! Three ways to boost your business with Location Based Services


Posted on 3rd Aug 2015 by in Mobile

In a mobile and digital environment, being able to target a customer in a timely and localized manner can have a huge impact on your business. In this blog, we look at how to make the most of location based marketing.

Four ways smartwatches need to improve to ship 100 million devices by 2019


Posted on 31st Jul 2015 by in Mobile

Can smartwatches live up to the hype? We look at how they need to evolve in order to become an essential purchase