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CES 2012: Intel launches ultrabook with NFC


Posted on 10th Jan 2012 by in Corporate

If you were on Twitter on 9th January during CES 2012 at the time of the Intel press conference you would have seen the Twittersphere explode following the unveiling of Intel’s new ultrabook. That wasn’t the reason for all the tweets, however swanky the ultrabook looks and feels. The reason, in my view, is that […]

How banks can help harness creativity


Posted on 18th Nov 2011 by in Corporate

Reporting from the last day of #CARTES yesterday. Personalized cards (AllAboutMe) have existed for a while but we have seen here at the Paris-based trade show just how funky and useful these can be. While there’s a lot of buzz around mobile NFC – just watch our video on it here – your credit and debit […]

Securing Gamer Identities


Posted on 2nd Sep 2011 by in Enterprise Security

The Internet can be a scary place or so I was told repeatedly during my PC gaming days. It was often difficult to explain to people the draw of an online community or the satisfaction of tackling a challenge with like-minded gamers. The people on the other end of maze of Ethernet cables weren’t real, […]

When in Rome…Have your card declined


Posted on 13th Jul 2011 by in Corporate

They say “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” but on my last trip to Rome, that wasn’t so easy. I was in Rome, but unlike the citizens, I could not get cash out of an ATM because my magnetic stripe card wasn’t accepted. Some of the walk-up street access ATMs would only accept EMV chip credit and debit cards.