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What not to miss at InfoSecurity Europe 2015


Posted on 2nd Jun 2015 by in Enterprise Security

As the security industry gears up for InfoSecurity 2015, we look ahead at some of the most interesting speakers and happenings at the show

Banks Are Up to the Challenge of Combating Fraud


Posted on 9th Apr 2013 by in Enterprise Security

When it comes to online banking fraud, the numbers tell the story: $21 billion: The amount stolen due to identify fraud. $3 billion: The amount stolen by cybercriminals from US banks, businesses and municipalities using financial malware. 39 percent: The amount of all computers infected with financial malware. 150 percent: The rate at which online […]

Electing new security leaders


Posted on 6th Nov 2012 by in Corporate

Change is happening. We are in the process of electing a new leader here in the US, which will have global ramifications and it’s an election that is being very closely watched and followed, including on social media. However, it’s not the only important appointment that is being made – remember last month when Neville […]

Look how mobile is driving commerce – globally


Posted on 5th Oct 2012 by in Mobile

There have been quite a few stories recently highlighting the importance that mobile plays in commerce nowadays. Whether research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research showing that sales through the mobile channel on the UK’s high streets now account for every £1 in £10 spent, the news that Oktoberfest drinkers in Munich will […]

Twelve months of enterprising blogging


Posted on 30th Aug 2012 by in Enterprise Security

Today the Gemalto Enterprise blog celebrates its first anniversary. Since the birth of the Enterprise Blog on August 30th 2011, we’ve given our view on many of the biggest stories in the world of enterprise security and authentication. These have included everything from passwords to privacy, and Google to Genesis. Having shared so many of […]

DHS Urges Citizens to ‘Go for the Gold in Cybersecurity’ During 2012 Olympic Games


Posted on 23rd Jul 2012 by in Corporate

With the Olympics coming in just a few short days, online offers for discounted tickets, free merchandise, exclusive videos, or breaking news sounds great, right? Wrong, actually. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told readers in a recent blog post regarding the anticipated rise […]

Happy 18th birthday to eCommerce – secure shopping for all


Posted on 17th Jul 2012 by in Corporate

Yes indeed, 18 years have passed since eCommerce was ‘born’. Well, that’s according to some rather loose interpretation based on Wikipedia data. If you take the birth of eCommerce to coincide with Pizza Hut offering ordering on its web page then we can agree that 1994 was indeed the year shopping across multiple channels commenced. […]

Strong authentication, not ‘snail mail’, is the answer to cybercrime


Posted on 17th Feb 2012 by in Enterprise Security

In early nineteenth century England, members of the ‘Luddite’ movement protested against the onset of the industrial revolution by destroying the machinery which they believed was jeopardising their careers as skilled tradesmen. Since then the term has become synonymous with all of those who shun technological progress in favour of more antiquated methods. There is […]

Are smartphone viruses a real threat?


Posted on 28th Nov 2011 by in Mobile

Today we’re using our smartphones the same way we use our computers – to surf the Web, make financial transactions, conduct business, and download software.  Increasingly, we’re also using the same device for personal and business use. So why aren’t we protecting our phones the same way we do our computers?  With rising threats of […]

Can EMV Save US Banks A Billion Dollars?


Posted on 4th Oct 2011 by in Corporate

Remember a few weeks ago when I applauded Visa for announcing plans to accelerate the migration to EMV chip technology and the adoption of mobile payments?  Since then, I have been struck by a few stories in the news that really drive home what this migration will mean for the United States. First, this story […]