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It’s good to talk: communication is key to tackling cybercrime


Posted on 20th Sep 2011 by in Enterprise Security

Recently, @briankrebs highlighted a Trojan attack which showed quite how sophisticated some cyber attacks are now becoming. The case in question is being investigated by German police, and involves a new piece of malware which convinces online banking customers to willingly transfer their own money into the accounts of criminals. This particular case shows that, sometimes, even a layered […]

Banking Fraud: $1 billion per year and rising


Posted on 18th Aug 2011 by in Corporate

It’s fair to say that last week’s Bloomberg article, claiming that banks in the US are charging their clients for up to $1 billion of losses incurred through online banking fraud, has provoked a frenzied reaction from those in our field. While much of what the article covered was well-known to us already, with many […]

The top five reasons to use digital security devices for eBanking


Posted on 11th May 2011 by in Corporate

On-line banking is very much part of our everyday lives and you may not know this but we’re behind some of the most innovative banks drives to make it safer. Over the next few weeks we’re going to share our views and news on the eBanking market in a series of posts.

Infosec’s perfect storm… Is NSTIC a lifeboat?


Posted on 5th May 2011 by in Corporate

The storm analogy rages on, but it’s no joke for users of Sony’s gaming network.

Over in California, the RSA IT Security show kicks off (oh and we’ll be there too)


Posted on 12th Feb 2011 by in Corporate

This year the RSA Conference in San Francisco coincides with the Mobile World Congress resulting in a busy week for Gemalto’s Telecom and Enteprise Security teams.