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Can anyone make security cool?


Posted on 28th May 2014 by in Corporate

I made my first Internet purchase in 1993, a T-shirt for the nascent music-sharing site IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive). The founders of IUMA, all from the University of California, Santa Cruz, had thought a lot about their venture, and understood many things about the Internet, the law and risk. First of all, IUMA didn’t […]

Twelve months of enterprising blogging


Posted on 30th Aug 2012 by in Enterprise Security

Today the Gemalto Enterprise blog celebrates its first anniversary. Since the birth of the Enterprise Blog on August 30th 2011, we’ve given our view on many of the biggest stories in the world of enterprise security and authentication. These have included everything from passwords to privacy, and Google to Genesis. Having shared so many of […]

Can a website tell you when it’s time to change your password?


Posted on 20th Jul 2012 by in Enterprise Security

This week has seen yet another study highlighting the inherent dangers of securing your personal information with just a password. According to research from Experian, the average internet user in the UK has just five different passwords, despite having 26 different online accounts. Indeed, a quarter use just one password for most of their logins. […]

Who has the X Factor?


Posted on 16th Jul 2012 by in Enterprise Security

In the latest of our posts looking at results of our recent CIO Research project we’re focusing on multi-factor authentication. 38 percent of the CIOs we spoke to as part of our study said that recent, high-profile data breaches experienced by other organizations had prompted them to increase their own security budget. This in itself […]

The evolving role of the CIO in security


Posted on 9th Jul 2012 by in Enterprise Security

Chief Information Officers are always faced with the same balancing act when it comes to security. On the one hand, they must maintain sufficient control over their IT resources to protect assets and sensitive data, while on the other hand, they must ensure controls are not so stringent that employees are discouraged from embracing IT and technological innovation, or attempt to bypass them completely.

Internet economics – transforming payments is key to future growth


Posted on 12th Jun 2012 by in Corporate

The internet will only get bigger and better. Or, that’s an impression you get from reading some of the reports compiled by the likes of Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey and any of the organizations looking at the impact of the Internet on our future economies. These reports are looking at the future of our economies, […]

More EMV Options than Ever for U.S. Travelers


Posted on 17th Apr 2012 by in Corporate

It used to be that the stereotypical U.S. tourist was the one wearing the white sneakers, shorts, and a fanny pack.  Oh, and don’t forget the giant camera. Today, you can recognize them in other parts of the world as the folks trying to pay with the antiquated magnetic stripe cards instead of the more […]

The Hacker War – It’s time to get proactive


Posted on 16th Apr 2012 by in Corporate

When it comes to computer hackers going after corporate data networks, “we’re not winning,” FBI executive assistant director Shawn Henry told Devlin Barrett of the Wall Street Journal last week. The comment is true, considering that 2011 brought us 535 breaches, with 30.4 million sensitive records involved.  The biggest breaches included Sony, Epsilon and NASDAQ.  […]

Global Payments Data Breach: a wake-up call for the US on EMV


Posted on 3rd Apr 2012 by in Corporate

In what is undoubtedly one of the biggest stories to hit the payments industry so far this year, Global Payments has confirmed that it was the victim of a data breach in January and February which compromised the security of millions of credit card details. As reported by Brian Krebs on Friday, the breach affects […]

RSA Conference 2012: First thoughts from the show floor


Posted on 1st Mar 2012 by in Enterprise Security

My feet have barely touched the ground at this year’s RSA Conference, and already there are too many talking points to mention. One thing which immediately struck me is the sheer number of people attending this year compared to 2011. The reason for this, which RSA president Art Coviello addressed in his opening keynote: the […]