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The office of the past, present and future – Part I


Posted on 25th Sep 2013 by in Corporate

Desktops today contain a fraction of the office equipment that workers endured in the 80s and 90s. Software has replaced hardware in a big way over the last few years and such is its popularity, you don’t have to be tech savvy to name the replacements. Cloud-based software has changed our lives in a way […]

Want to Hear Gemalto Speak at SXSW? We Need Your Vote!


Posted on 30th Aug 2013 by in Corporate

SXSWi has become the place to preview the technology of tomorrow today and Gemalto wants to be a part of this! Last year our very own Asad Ali presented on Smart Cities and Connected Objects and this year we need your help to not only have Asad present again, but to help other bright minds […]

LTE World Summit: Seamless connectivity is the key to customer loyalty


Posted on 24th Jun 2013 by in Mobile

The subject of indoor vs. outdoor mobile internet access is much debated. Currently, consumers have very different expectations when they access the internet via a mobile device indoors, and when they do so outdoors. As Dean Bubley highlighted on his blog recently, most users expect to jump through a small hoop, like ‘watching an advert, […]

Mobile Marketing and the ubiquitous Text Message


Posted on 16th May 2013 by in Mobile

There’s no denying the text message is a powerful tool of communication. The mobile phone has revolutionized the way we talk to each other, and the way people consume information. Cultural anthropologist Mizuko Ito noted in her 2005 publication Personal, Portable, Pedestrian that the real power of mobile lies in our ‘close and emotional ties’ […]

NFC – Not For Commerce?


Posted on 14th May 2013 by in Mobile

eBay Chief Executive John Donahoe recently claimed that NFC stands for “Not for Commerce”, when discussing Near Field Communication being used to turn cell phones into mobile wallets. At Mobile World Congress, Russell Buckley said something along the same lines. Apple has not yet backed the technology as many were expecting, but many of the […]

CARTES America 2013: Gemalto Answers Banks’ Pressing Questions on Payments, EMV, and Social Media


Posted on 23rd Apr 2013 by in Enterprise Security

This week we’re joining our colleagues in the smart card and financial industries at CARTES America,  in Las Vegas.  CARTES is a great chance for us to listen and learn from our peers, and share some of our own experiences.  This year, we’ll be exhibiting some of our latest technologies at Booth 213, and presenting […]

How will the U.S. benefit from EMV migration? Look to Canada


Posted on 28th Mar 2013 by in Corporate

As the U.S. continues its implementation of EMV chip cards, it’s lucky to be able to look to other countries that have adopted the technology for best practices, lessons learned, and future benefits. As a Gemalto employee based in the U.S., I’ve been eagerly watching to see how our neighbor to the north, Canada, is […]

MWC13: How not to build a mobile campaign


Posted on 27th Feb 2013 by in Mobile

Day two and three at #MWC13 saw more big brands and emerging innovators take to the world stage, but among the hustle and bustle of the trade show, I had the pleasure of attending a conference on mobile marketing; you may have been there too? The title: How Not to Build a Mobile Campaign, certainly […]

The latest mobile marketing trends from MWC13 in Barcelona


Posted on 27th Feb 2013 by in Mobile

Hola! Here we are in the heart of Mobile World Congress 2013. What we can observe so far is that innovation is in full swing fostering discoveries and development and it really seems endless. The mobile ecosystem is expanding at lightning speed, challenging everyone to adapt at the same pace. So as not to get […]

MWC 2013 – What can we do for you?


Posted on 19th Feb 2013 by in M2M

It will surprise no one to learn that the rumour-mill is going into overdrive ahead of MWC 2013. The mobile world is expecting big releases from LG, Sony, HTC, Samsung and Nokia as well as RIM, or as it’s now known, BlackBerry. This year’s MWC is being hosted at a completely new venue offering double […]