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How secure is NFC?


Posted on 2nd Dec 2013 by in Telecom

I’m occasionally asked: ‘Aren’t NFC payments vulnerable to hacking?” and “What if your NFC phone or card is stolen? Can’t someone just run off spending your money?” My answers are simple. Firstly, anything is vulnerable to hacking if it isn’t secured properly (even smart toilets); just make sure your NFC payment method is secured by […]

Cyber security risks for businesses can no longer be ignored


Posted on 11th Nov 2013 by in Enterprise

Despite the economic downturn in some areas of the world, many businesses are continuing to grow quickly. Turnover and profits are increasing, as is the number of employees. However, and rather unfortunately, with all this positive growth comes unwanted growth in other areas. Naked Security has recently highlighted research from Ernst and Young which reveals […]

How Banks Can Fight the DDoS Wars


Posted on 1st Aug 2013 by in Enterprise

Last month I wrote about alarming trends in eBanking fraud, and how banks are staying ahead of fraudsters.  Some of the largest cyber threats have come from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, so this time around I wanted to look at why these are so threatening to banks. DDoS attacks have reached new levels […]

Look how mobile is driving commerce – globally


Posted on 5th Oct 2012 by in Telecom

There have been quite a few stories recently highlighting the importance that mobile plays in commerce nowadays. Whether research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research showing that sales through the mobile channel on the UK’s high streets now account for every £1 in £10 spent, the news that Oktoberfest drinkers in Munich will […]

Mind your thoughts, they could be hacked


Posted on 21st Aug 2012 by in Enterprise

As a child, I often wondered whether my thoughts were visible to others in a cloud above my head. (I had obviously been reading too many comics where dialogue and monologues are depicted as such.) Thankfully the wisdom of age has shown this not to be true, but such an invasion of your privacy is […]

Pick a Panel, Any Panel: SXSW 2013 Lets You Decide


Posted on 17th Aug 2012 by in M2m

It’s that time again – time to decide what you want to see and hear at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2013.  Once just a local music festival here in Austin, Texas, SXSW has grown to be the biggest interactive, music and film event of the year – a must attend event on the calendar every […]

The curious case of Felix Roque: Hacking for Dummies


Posted on 6th Jun 2012 by in Enterprise

Felix Roque, mayor of a New Jersey town (West New York) just minutes from downtown Manhattan, was arrested May 25th for hacking into a website that posted less than flattering comments about him and his administration.  The now defunct site,, had been targeted by both Roque and his son, Joseph, since it was set […]

One year on


Posted on 10th Feb 2012 by in M2m

Today, dear reader, our blog is one year old. That’s right – our very first post was 365 days ago on 10th February 2011. We feel we have grown with the blog, expanding our hub to include a telecoms blog and one focused on enterprise security covering a multitude of topics and industries. While ‘Digital […]

The failure of web certificates heightens need for stronger authentication


Posted on 28th Sep 2011 by in Enterprise

The front page of today’s USA Today carries a chilling warning for web users about the vulnerability of digital certificate authorities, following hacks of three such organizations this summer. There are around 650 of these authorities, and the fact that hacking has been uncovered at three of these in such quick succession should be a […]

How to use your mobile authentication


Posted on 12th Sep 2011 by in Telecom

Mobile phones are fast moving beyond communications, beyond gaming, social and productivity tools, to take on a vast number of new applications thanks to the use of NFC-based technology and data services. We’re theoretically able to unlock hotel rooms, pay for groceries, secure deals with location-based vouchers and work on the go. We can do […]