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U.S. Medicaid – how can we protect the most vulnerable?


Posted on 5th Nov 2013 by in Corporate

The Subcommittee on Health, under the Energy & Commerce Committee is holding ongoing hearings as part of an examination of how to reform Medicaid. These hearings focus on creating more universal, federally mandated rules and requirements for Medicaid that hope to strengthen the largest government health care program. An important part of reform centers on […]

Is ‘after the fact’ fraud fighting enough to save Medicare?


Posted on 23rd Jul 2013 by in Corporate

Two years ago we asked the question: Can smart cards save the Medicare system $30 billion per year? While there has been some success in combating Medicare fraud in the US, we still do not have an answer to this question because the implementation of a smart card program has yet to come to fruition. […]

CTIA E-Tech Awards 2013: With M2M, Smaller and Smarter is Better


Posted on 17th May 2013 by in IoT

The inspiration of many a sci-fi film and also a recent blog post comes from the burning question: will machines replace humans? While the answer is uncertain to what degree, they’re already beginning to enter the job market. Machines are doing jobs once done by humans, mainly because machines are getting smarter. M2M technology brings […]

Year End Wrap-Up: Our Favorite Digital Security Moments from 2012


Posted on 24th Dec 2012 by in Corporate

Happy holidays!  By now you have likely bought the gifts, sent the cards, and decorated the house.  Before we know it, 2013 will be here.  But before we look ahead to the New Year, let’s take a moment to look back over 2012.  And what a year it was!  Looking over our blogs, 2012 was […]

Multi-Factor Authentication on the Way for Healthcare


Posted on 18th Sep 2012 by in Corporate

This week, I am the bearer of good news – it looks like multi-factor authentication is going to be a mandatory requirement in the US healthcare system. First things first, some background: as we speak, a federal advisory group (HIT Policy Committee) is shaping policies which will affect how we access information in our healthcare […]

Keeping patient data private and protected


Posted on 12th Jun 2012 by in Enterprise Security

You may have seen the news recently about our healthcare project with Seattle Children’s, where we helped staff replace weak and static passwords with strong authentication contactless technology. Following on from this, I was delighted to come across Robert Keeler’s blog post on the news, entitled: “Has Healthcare EHR Turned the Corner? Yes!” It is […]

Can healthcare survive a digital security scare?


Posted on 18th May 2012 by in Enterprise Security

I remember the time of corduroy, vinyl records, saddle shoes, and microfiche. When I think of these things now, I am thankful for Bluetooth music streaming, one-click online shopping and the MapQuest app on my phone. It makes you wonder why – in this day and age –  people’s names, social security numbers, wage information […]

Government & Healthcare Topics Ahead as Gemalto Heads to Government Conference


Posted on 1st Nov 2011 by in Corporate

This week, Gemalto is heading to Washington, DC for the Smart Card Alliance’s annual government conference.  We will be blogging from the event and after, as there is sure to be a lot of news regarding some of the most pressing topics in government, healthcare and trusted IDs on the Internet. Some of the topics […]

Can Smart Cards Save the Medicare System 30 Billion Dollars Per Year?


Posted on 3rd Oct 2011 by in Corporate

Fraudulent claims and identity theft are widely known as the bane of the Medicare system, as it suffers more than $60 billion in fraud every year through practices like phantom billing and durable medical equipment fraud.   The system in place pays first, and then chases the fraud after the fact.  Wouldn’t it be better to […]