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M2M technology; the secret behind the Internet of Things


Posted on 16th Apr 2015 by in M2M

M2M technology is powering the Internet of Things and bringing a brighter future closer. Take a look at two solutions our Cinterion concept boards power.

Connected tablets: the missing piece of the IoT puzzle?


Posted on 13th Apr 2015 by in Mobile

Tablets sell in the millions, but the majority can only go online via a Wi-Fi connection. We conducted some research to find out how consumers manage connectivity when on-the-go, and what on-demand connectivity in tablets could bring to the ever growing Internet of Things.

The best of SXSW 2015: Make any car a connected car


Posted on 20th Mar 2015 by in M2M

The buzz about Connected Car technology is higher than ever these days as innovative solutions transform not just our cars and driving experience, but our modern day connected lifestyles as well. Connected cars are driving a world of advanced capabilities to expand the horizons of the Internet of Things (IoT). For instance, intelligent road signs […]

Key themes at MWC 2015 highlight the need for On-Demand Connectivity


Posted on 4th Mar 2015 by in Mobile

With this year’s show theme of ‘The Edge of Innovation’, and with huge excitement about the Internet of Things, connected cars and wearable devices, Gemalto’s On-Demand Connectivity will underpin some of the key trends for Mobile World Congress 2015

Best of the IoT Twitterverse from November


Posted on 10th Dec 2014 by in M2M

We’ve brought together the best of the IoT Twitterverse from November in honor of those who entered our #IoT Maker Challenge.

Training the next generation of IoTMakers with Devoxx4Kids


Posted on 5th Dec 2014 by in M2M

Vinicius Senger, Yara Senger and charity Devoxx4Kids are running a session for kids in Santa Clara, CA, training them in home automation powered by Arduino, Raspberry Pi and the Gemalto Concept Board in December 21

IoT Maker Challenge: It could be you


Posted on 3rd Dec 2014 by in M2M

Avid readers of the blog will know we’ve been running a competition to find the next big thing in the Internet of Things. The IoT Maker challenge is now officially closed for submissions, and we’ve had some fantastic ideas from around the globe.

IoTMaker Inspiration post: location aware devices will save lives


Posted on 28th Nov 2014 by in M2M

Mobile tracking in phones will soon help UK 999 operators track the location of emergencies to within 30m; connected cars will automatically call for help in the case of road incidents, and watches now come equipped with life-saving SOS buttons.

IoT idea: Traffic Accident Detector


Posted on 28th Nov 2014 by in M2M

As part of our IoT Maker challenge, we’ve mocked up a blueprint for a concept submission we received from Thang Nguyen. Thang’s idea uses the Internet of Things to alert hospitals of nearby road traffic accidents in real time.

IoTMaker inspiration: our top five blog picks


Posted on 20th Nov 2014 by in M2M

As the IoTMaker competition heats up, we share some inspiration from around the Blogiverse. This is what some of our M2M friends are saying about the Internet of Things.