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Wearable tech for houseplants – fact or fiction?


Posted on 29th Sep 2014 by in M2m

In post five in our M2M Fact or Fiction series, we look into the question of whether M2M connected plants could be the way forward for gardening, horticulture and farming.

M2M Fact or Fiction: Self-organizing trash bins


Posted on 26th Sep 2014 by in M2m

In post four in our Fact or Fiction series, we look into the question of whether M2M technology in residential waste bins can cut emissions and improve collection efficiency

M2M Fact or Fiction: The Connected Fridge?


Posted on 25th Sep 2014 by in M2m

In post three, we look into the capabilities, real or imagined, of the connected fridge.

M2M Connected American Football Helmets: Fact or Fiction?


Posted on 24th Sep 2014 by in M2m

In the latest post in our Gemalto M2M Fact or Fiction Quiz series, we look at the reality – or science fiction – of the connected American Football Helmet

Gemalto M2M Fact or Fiction Quiz: Can you spot tech reality from science fiction?


Posted on 23rd Sep 2014 by in M2m

Machine to Machine (M2M) technology is getting more column inches than ever thanks to an explosion of news about the Apple Watch, and more generally, the way that wearable technology and home automation technology is making the internet of things a reality. Most of us know about the huge potential health and fitness apps have […]

The security worries behind the wearable tech boom


Posted on 5th Sep 2014 by in Telecom

Wearable technology is booming but significant security holes need to be addressed.

The Internet of Things takes a major leap forward with on-demand provisioning


Posted on 4th Aug 2014 by in M2m

What’s the big deal about a SIM card that can switch subscriptions from one carrier to another at any time, over the air, without the customer having to physically switch out SIM cards?  Plenty. Until now, wireless devices required a carrier-specific SIM card to connect to a cellular network and “turn-on” wireless service. For consumer […]

What is the power of wireless modules in a connected world?


Posted on 24th Apr 2014 by in M2m

Most people have heard of M2M, the Internet of Things, connected devices and more by now. If you haven’t, then M2M World Congress, taking place over the next few days in London, UK, should be on your agenda. However, the technical details that enable our hyper-connected world – giving us smart energy, tracking and tracing […]

Let’s play smart darts!


Posted on 24th Feb 2014 by in M2m

We’ve been busy at Mobile World Congress 2014 this week. Read about the challenge of ‘Smart Darts’ here.

Questions on M2M from Lavanya Rammohan, Compass Intelligence


Posted on 24th Feb 2014 by in M2m

As is now customary at this time of year, we here at Gemalto have spent the last few weeks compiling questions from influencers and industry experts on all things mobile. With Mobile World Congress kicking off this week, the time has come to share our responses, starting with questions from Lavanya Rammohan from Compass Intelligence. […]