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Enterprise security – a German perspective


Posted on 28th Dec 2012 by in Enterprise Security

As part of our series looking at CIO views on security we are also interested in different country attitudes to IT security. As a global organization with offices worldwide, we know only too well how different nationalities and cultures bring a wealth of opinion, experience and perspectives to the table. So, let’s take a look […]

Are UK companies being left vulnerable by their CIOs?


Posted on 23rd Oct 2012 by in Enterprise Security

We had a great reaction from our followers on our research into the issues that are keeping CIOs awake at night. Here on the blog we discussed the findings across the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the USA and the Nordics. Let’s take a look the UK findings in more detail. If you’ve seen or shared […]

Who’s really in charge when it comes to security?


Posted on 29th Jul 2012 by in Enterprise Security

In the latest of our series of blog posts looking at the results of our recent CIO research, we take a look at the thorny subject of who is ultimately responsible for information security within an organization. Prevailing trends in technology would suggest that maintaining control of IT security is becoming an ever more difficult […]

Who is principally responsible for managing IT security in companies? – Question from Martin McKeay at Network Security Blog


Posted on 18th Jun 2012 by in Enterprise Security

Those with long memories may recall our call-out a few months ago asking for readers’ questions on global CIO’s attitudes towards security. We wanted to find out the burning security issues which are affecting CIOs today and we received a lot of interesting responses from readers and influencers who had their own questions that they […]

The art of a technology blog


Posted on 11th Jan 2012 by in Corporate

It’s always pleasing to see creative, informed content get the recognition it deserves, particularly in the world of social media so I decided to look at some of the security, telecoms and emerging tech blogs that we’ve been following here at Gemalto.

Cloud Computing: Growth is great, but what about secure identities?


Posted on 26th Oct 2011 by in Enterprise Security

Every week, I read another story predicting the growth of cloud computing. Statistics and predictions abound; the numbers vary but all have growth in common. It sounds great but wow are we going to secure the user identities?

Developing an Enterprise IT security policy


Posted on 18th Oct 2011 by in Enterprise Security

Security is as much about the use policies as it is about technology deployed – in fact some might argue that defining policies for network security is the most important step no matter how sophisticated your security architecture. With this in mind, today we have a guest contributor to the Enterprise Security blog, Joe Schembri from Villanova University, who gives us some helpful hints on how to develop an enterprise IT security policy.

Online Privacy and Security Top of Mind in Congress


Posted on 5th Oct 2011 by in Enterprise Security

Our lives are increasingly online, making work and play more convenient and efficient.  At the same time, the attacks on our computers and networks continue to increase. It seems like every day we read of a new data breach that has put personal identity information and corporate data in the hands of criminals.  Most recently, […]

Save a Whale… Save your Job!


Posted on 31st May 2011 by in Corporate

When I refer to a whale, I am referring to your boss or, in some cases, you! A whale in information security lingo is a person with significant assets or access and whaling (as outlined by Bob Violino on CIO) is but one of many types of cyber attacks that are evolving. From phishing and pharming to spear phishing, the list goes on.

Next Steps in Building the Trusted Identity Ecosystem


Posted on 27th May 2011 by in Corporate

Now that Pres. Obama has signed the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), it’s time for the government and private sector to work together to build the ecosystem. Where do we start?