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M2M technology; the secret behind the Internet of Things


Posted on 16th Apr 2015 by in M2M

M2M technology is powering the Internet of Things and bringing a brighter future closer. Take a look at two solutions our Cinterion concept boards power.

The connected cars of the future


Posted on 2nd Apr 2015 by in M2M

After the Geneva Motor Show demonstrated how fast the connected car is becoming a reality, we take a look at some of the year’s big announcements and consider what could be on the roads in the future.

IoTMaker and the smart city of the near future


Posted on 30th Mar 2015 by in M2M

A look at how some of the IoTMaker Challenge entries could be used in smart cities.

IoTMaker winner interview: Jason Mitcheson on Java, the IoT, Kickstarter and more


Posted on 23rd Mar 2015 by in Mobile

An interview with Jason Mitcheson, Java Developer, IoT specialist and the winner of our #IoTMaker Challenge

The best of SXSW 2015: Make any car a connected car


Posted on 20th Mar 2015 by in M2M

The buzz about Connected Car technology is higher than ever these days as innovative solutions transform not just our cars and driving experience, but our modern day connected lifestyles as well. Connected cars are driving a world of advanced capabilities to expand the horizons of the Internet of Things (IoT). For instance, intelligent road signs […]

M2M moves into a new phase in Australia


Posted on 18th Mar 2015 by in M2M

M2M in business and in the home is on the rise in Australia. Take a look at our infographic to learn more.

MWC 2015 Behind the scenes: building our IoTMaker winner demo


Posted on 4th Mar 2015 by in Mobile

We look at some of the work the team did in building the working prototype of Jason Mitcheson’s award-winning Bushfire Alert System from our IoTMaker competition.

Key themes at MWC 2015 highlight the need for On-Demand Connectivity


Posted on 4th Mar 2015 by in Mobile

With this year’s show theme of ‘The Edge of Innovation’, and with huge excitement about the Internet of Things, connected cars and wearable devices, Gemalto’s On-Demand Connectivity will underpin some of the key trends for Mobile World Congress 2015

In detail: the #IoTMaker winning 3G Bushfire Alert System


Posted on 18th Feb 2015 by in M2M

Earlier this month we announced the winner and runners-up for the #IoTMaker Challenge, with Jason Mitcheson’s 3G Bushfire Alert System proving to be the judges’ top pick. As we did previously with other entries to the contest, including a smart bike for motorcycle riders, smart swear jar and traffic accident detector, we’ve mocked up a […]

How the IoT could have saved the Seahawks from Super Bowl disaster at the one yard line


Posted on 11th Feb 2015 by in M2M

Unfortunately for the Seahawks, their last minute drive in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl XLIX fell short at the one yard line. In this post, we look at how the IoT could have saved them from what’s being called one of the worst play calls in NFL history.