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Are you an M2M IoT expert, or novice? Test yourself with our Holiday Calendar Countdown – and potentially win an iPad Air 2!


Posted on 30th Nov 2015 by in IoT

Try our Holiday Calendar Countdown quiz on M2M IoT technology and you might win a great prize!

How the Internet of Things is bringing Toy Story to life


Posted on 30th Oct 2015 by in IoT

The Smart Toys of the future will be interactive and intelligent; in this post, we explain how they will help bring Toy Story to life.

Top 3 Industrial IoT segments that need Secure Elements


Posted on 14th Oct 2015 by in IoT

Secure Elements are essential to laying a foundation of trust and enabling new IoT business models. In this post, we’ve highlighted the top three segments of the Industrial IoT where using Secure Elements is the key to building trust and enabling new business and services.

Four ways the IoT can improve Oktoberfest!


Posted on 2nd Oct 2015 by in IoT

Oktoberfest is in full swing at the moment and is being enjoyed all over the world by over 6 million people. In this post, we look how the IoT could improve the experience for everyone.

Connectivity, Security, Monetization – the framework for trustworthy connected cars


Posted on 28th Sep 2015 by in IoT

There’s a growing need for security and remote management of connected cars, but how do we make sure all these vehicles can be trusted?

3 types of wearable/M2M technology to make Rugby World Cups safer


Posted on 17th Sep 2015 by in IoT

Rugby is a brilliant game, but it can be dangerous; in this post, we highlight 3 technologies that will improve the game’s safety record, and protect future generations of players.

Helping purrrfect the IoT: The industry’s first Cat 1 Module


Posted on 9th Sep 2015 by in IoT

The Internet of Things has quickly become the next big step in technology, but one-sized connectivity doesn’t fit all. Take a look at how the first module of its kind can keep you always landing on your feet.

Fashion Sense Meets Tech Sensibility


Posted on 11th Aug 2015 by in IoT

Wearable technology is the new trend, sparking innovation in all areas: communication, fitness, safety, photography, and more. But one detail is sorely lacking: Style.

Going off-road: Will the connected car end up left in the dust?


Posted on 4th Aug 2015 by in IoT

When Haider Iqbal went dune bashing and off-roading, thoughts of connected car safety came to mind, following recent car hacking stories.

The Wired Jeep Hack is not a modern “Christine” but shows we’d better secure who is in the driver’s seat


Posted on 29th Jul 2015 by in IoT

Last week, hackers cut the engine of a Wired journalist’s car on the highway. This has implications for trust in the Internet of Things.