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The Internet of Things is here and already improving lives


Posted on 2nd May 2013 by in M2m

Machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and the Internet of Things are often talked about as a vision for the future. Imagine a future where billions of devices and machines of all kinds will communicate with each other, automate tasks, enrich our lives, and create big-time business benefits.   The Internet of Things is actually more of a reality […]

Who will win the driverless car race?


Posted on 2nd Apr 2013 by in M2m

Let’s play a game of word association. What springs to mind when you hear ‘driverless cars’? Let me guess: Google. Did you know, however, that there are many other brands involved in developing the concept of a driverless car? From Audi and Toyota to Mercedes, it is claimed that they actually have more chance of […]

Educating for innovation at Mobile World Congress


Posted on 26th Feb 2013 by in M2m

Welcome to day two of the biggest mobile conference in the world. The technology buzz continues with more delegates pouring into the new Fira venue and plenty of major announcements. We’re driving ever further NFC engagement with the NFC Experience and with our own announcements with Japanese mobile operator KDDI to enable  quicker and more […]

2013 – the year of connections


Posted on 8th Jan 2013 by in M2m

Is it the year of mobile advertising? The year of NFC and mobile payments? Well, according to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and, 2013 could be the year the ‘Connected Home’ becomes a reality. We have blogged before about smart homes, sharing our perspective on the one hosted by the GSMA at Mobile World Congress […]

Machines – will they take over or aid the world?


Posted on 4th Dec 2012 by in M2m

We’ve all watched (or at least heard of) futuristic movies where robots rule the world. From I, Robot and The Matrix to the aptly named Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, scenarios are painted where machines become autonomous and decide to rule humanity. While these movies primarily aim to entertain and scare, they do call […]

What connects M2M with McDonalds?


Posted on 20th Nov 2012 by in M2m

What springs to mind when you think of McDonalds? Happy meals? Brightly colored fast-food chains? Sponsorship of the 2012 Olympics? Vegetarian-only restaurants in India? How about Machine-2-Machinecommunication? Surprised? McDonalds has pioneered a key business concept – extended enterprise – which is going to be the cornerstone of future M2M Communications. What is an extended enterprise? […]

Beam me up some cash – contactless payments take off


Posted on 23rd May 2012 by in Telecom

‘Beam me up, Scotty!’ It’s not just in science fiction films this happens nowadays. Thanks to the evolution and advances of our technology, it’s incredible when you consider what can be ‘beamed’ in real life nowadays. Smartphones double as projectors, allowing users to project videos and pictures, information can be ‘beamed’ or exchanged between devices […]

Which consumer-facing M2M propositions will make their mark first? – Question from Mobile Heroes’ Helen Keegan


Posted on 22nd Feb 2012 by in M2m

Continuing our trend of being interviewed by leading experts in our spheres of influence, as we did last year around Mobile World Congress, we are starting this again for #MWC2012. Kicking off our first interview is Helen Keegan who is running Mobile Heroes at Mobile World Congress and also blogs at Musings of a Mobile […]

TMCnet recognizes innovation in M2M communications


Posted on 20th Jan 2012 by in M2m

Innovation is something we value immensely at Gemalto, which is why we’re delighted that our Machine-to-Machine (M2M) unit Cinterion has been recognized for its fantastic work in smart grid deployments. has announced that our EU3 M2M module won a 2011 Smart Grid Excellence Award, rewarding innovative technologies within a very competitive industry. M2M Now […]

Mobile phones are good for your health – the benefits of m-healthcare services


Posted on 10th Oct 2011 by in Telecom

This is my last in a series of 3 blog posts about our recent conference on the mobile revolution held at La Cantine in Paris. Over the evening we looked at how the mobile has changed society as a whole, including way we pay and access social networks.