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Would NFC and mobile banking be better targeted at emerging markets where smartphone penetration is higher than PCs? – Question from Jon Choo


Posted on 27th Feb 2013 by in Mobile

Continuing our series of responding to mobile questions from influential bloggers, our latest question comes from our good friend, Jon Choo. Jon has more experience than most in the field of NFC payments, having recently taken part in Gemalto’s Contactless Challenge. For this, Jon (and his opposing number, Mobile Industry Review’s Ewan MacLeod) was tasked with carrying out a […]

Shop Safe With Your Mobile This Holiday Season


Posted on 20th Nov 2012 by in Mobile

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to shop.  Every year on Black Friday consumers wake up early and head out to get the best deals on holiday gifts.  More and more, though, they are doing the shopping online from home, with some sleeping in or getting up at 3am to get the […]

Emerging payments in emerging markets


Posted on 27th Apr 2012 by in Corporate

Today, smartphones give us round-the-clock access to a wealth of information and services. We can book hotels, email colleagues or reserve a table at our favourite restaurant (and even pay the bill via the handset). But what about those of us who don’t own a smartphone?  In countries such as the US and the UK, […]

The time is right for mobile payments in the US


Posted on 13th Mar 2012 by in Mobile

My esteemed colleague Gordon Beatty took part in a panel discussion at SXSW this week, sitting alongside Ryan Hughes, chief marketing officer of Isis, and consultant Toni Merschen. The topic was mobile payments, looking in particular at how we can expect the advancing technology to transform mobile shopping. The ubiquity of smartphones means that mobile […]

Why will mobile financial services & NFC be any better than existing online banking services? – Questions from Helen Keegan, Musings of a Mobile Marketer & Mobile Heroes


Posted on 28th Feb 2012 by in Mobile

In our latest post answering questions from mobile influencers here at Mobile World Congress, we’re taking a look at questions from Mobile Heroes’ Helen Keegan relating to mobile financial services (MFS). Helen asked us how MFS (and specifically NFC) will improve on the services which online banking providers have now offered for a number of […]

Mobile payments in retail – a useful Q&A


Posted on 26th Jan 2012 by in Mobile

We have blogged a lot about mobile payments here at Gemalto. Aside from our involvement in the ISIS mobile commerce platform, it’s a topic that we think will continue to be of interest to many of our readers – whether telecom operators, consumers, banks, credit card merchants or transport and retail providers. The mobile device […]

How your wallet (and your bank) are going mobile


Posted on 12th Oct 2011 by in Corporate

Mobile banking is a high priority for financial services organizations especially with the arrival of the Internet generation. Mobile services are now moving away from a stripped down version of the banks’ web sites but towards an app-based approach. What does this mean for banks and what will be the impact of the arrival of NFC?

mBanking’s Big Advantage


Posted on 3rd Aug 2011 by in Corporate

As one billion people turn to mobile phones and tablets to access the Internet, eBankers are seizing the opportunity to significantly enhance the security of their online banking and e-commerce, enable peer-to-peer mobile money, and develop a new mBanking channel.

Building consumer trust in mobile banking


Posted on 25th Jul 2011 by in Mobile

Smartphones are becoming more and more pervasive in our lives these days, as recent research from Nielsen and Javelin Strategy Research shows. Consumers are embracing smartphones in record numbers, however the uptake of mobile banking technologies does not match this high rate of adoption.

Online banking infographics – a market described in pictures


Posted on 21st Jun 2011 by in Corporate

Home banking, eBanking, online banking… Whatever you call it, we all agree that A. It’s booming and B. Security for banks’ customers is paramount. In light of this we’ve created a series of infographics on the state of the market.