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Patco ACH Fraud Case: Banks Need To Take Stronger Security Measures


Posted on 16th Jul 2012 by in Enterprise Security

What’s a “commercially reasonable” amount of security for a bank? We got one answer last week when a federal appeals court reversed a lower court’s ruling on the Automated Clearing House (ACH) fraud dispute between Patco Construction and Ocean Bank.  Patco sued Ocean Bank for having “commercially unreasonable” security in place after Patco lost more […]

Digital Brazil: Who needs cash?


Posted on 2nd Apr 2012 by in Corporate

In the second of our series on Brazil’s digital revolution, I take a look at the growth of digital financial services that are having a real impact on peoples’ lives and businesses in one of the world’s most vibrant nations. Brazil’s vast population consists of a young majority, including around a quarter under fifteen years […]

Digital life after death


Posted on 21st Feb 2012 by in Corporate

Most of us have more than one life. If this sounds strange, I’m referring of course to the digital life that more and more of us subscribe to every day. But when our time comes to an end, the question of what happens to our digital assets is an increasingly important question. Personally, I have my Twitter, […]

eBanking in Turkey: Credit cards you can bank on


Posted on 19th Jan 2012 by in Corporate

In the latest post in our Digital Turkey series, I’ll be taking a look at innovations in Turkey’s banking industry. Alongside the fact that it has revolutionized the way we communicate, for many, what the internet does best is convenience. Online banking is a great example of digital convenience as users can manage their money […]

A Guide to Turkey’s Digital Future


Posted on 13th Jan 2012 by in Corporate

With almost half of its 78 million citizens now online, Turkey is rapidly developing into a technological powerhouse. Not only is its young population (averaging just 28 years of age) becoming increasingly active online, but the country’s government and large corporations have been equally proactive in investing in cutting-edge technologies.

Power to the bank customer


Posted on 8th Nov 2011 by in Corporate

The Credit Union National Association recently reported that, in the month of October alone, more than 650,000 customers joined credit unions – which is roughly equal to all of the customers that moved in 2010 combined. Is this the return of the thrift bank?

How can we fight online banking fraud?


Posted on 20th Oct 2011 by in Enterprise Security

Online banking fraud is down by nearly a third in the UK, according to banking industry group Financial Fraud Action (FFA) UK.  This is quite an astonishing figure, which the FFA attributed to a rise in anti-fraud software and chip-and-pin technology. It is great to see the UK demonstrating how to attack online banking fraud […]

How your wallet (and your bank) are going mobile


Posted on 12th Oct 2011 by in Corporate

Mobile banking is a high priority for financial services organizations especially with the arrival of the Internet generation. Mobile services are now moving away from a stripped down version of the banks’ web sites but towards an app-based approach. What does this mean for banks and what will be the impact of the arrival of NFC?

It’s good to talk: communication is key to tackling cybercrime


Posted on 20th Sep 2011 by in Enterprise Security

Recently, @briankrebs highlighted a Trojan attack which showed quite how sophisticated some cyber attacks are now becoming. The case in question is being investigated by German police, and involves a new piece of malware which convinces online banking customers to willingly transfer their own money into the accounts of criminals. This particular case shows that, sometimes, even a layered […]

How to use your mobile authentication


Posted on 12th Sep 2011 by in Mobile

Mobile phones are fast moving beyond communications, beyond gaming, social and productivity tools, to take on a vast number of new applications thanks to the use of NFC-based technology and data services. We’re theoretically able to unlock hotel rooms, pay for groceries, secure deals with location-based vouchers and work on the go. We can do […]