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96 Hours Later, What Does Heartbleed Mean for Your Business?


Posted on 14th Apr 2014 by in

This content was originally posted on our CloudEntr blog site April 11, 2014. The dust is settling on what has been an explosive week in digital security. Just 96 hours ago, Codenomican and researchers at Google announced they had uncovered a major security threat affecting more than 66% of the web. Making CVE-2014-0160 or what they […]

Why Even Small Businesses Need Enterprise Password Management


Posted on 28th Mar 2014 by in Enterprise

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are fortunate to avoid many of the hassles and bureaucracy that are inevitable for big enterprises. But they often lack the budget and personnel that their larger brethren can throw at business issues — especially IT-related issues. These days, however, cloud-based technologies are leveling the IT playing field, lowering costs […]

Could your password crash the market?


Posted on 25th Apr 2013 by in Enterprise

As recently reported, a hacked tweet from The Associated Press sparked mass market hysteria as it incorrectly reported that President Barack Obama had been injured in an explosion. This led to a brief sell-off in US markets and a blip in share prices. Social media is fast gaining traction in the business world, with investor […]

Gartner recognizes growing importance of user authentication


Posted on 2nd Apr 2013 by in Enterprise

This week industry analyst Gartner published its ‘Magic Quadrant’ study of the user authentication market, in which I’m pleased to say Gemalto was named as a leader in the sector. The report acknowledges the growing need for advanced forms of authentication and the shift away from the ‘legacy’ technology of passwords. It also includes some […]

The Myth of the “Strong” Password


Posted on 1st Feb 2013 by in Enterprise

Which password do you think is easier for a hacker to crack – “Th3r3 can only b3 #1!” or “Hammered asinine requirements”? According to some new research from Carnegie Mellon University’s Institute for Software Research, it’s actually the former that is the weaker password.  Why?  Because the password “Th3r3 can only b3 #1!” has grammatical […]

What does a consumer trade show have to do with the enterprise?


Posted on 18th Jan 2013 by in Enterprise

The 2013 International CES is, like, so two weeks ago, right?  Not only that, but as an enterprise executive, you may be thinking “that’s a consumer show, what the heck does it have to do with the enterprise?” A lot, actually. Even with 2013 CES over and done with (no one is even tweeting about […]

CES 2013: predicting NFC in all its glory


Posted on 7th Jan 2013 by in Corporate

Happy New Year! As you wrapped up your holiday shopping and bought all the new gadgets for your loved ones last month, did you wonder at all what new and exciting technologies are in store for 2013?  I always do, but I also know that with a new year comes International CES, the world’s largest […]

Enterprise security – a German perspective


Posted on 28th Dec 2012 by in Enterprise

As part of our series looking at CIO views on security we are also interested in different country attitudes to IT security. As a global organization with offices worldwide, we know only too well how different nationalities and cultures bring a wealth of opinion, experience and perspectives to the table. So, let’s take a look […]

Tis the Season for… Online Fraud?


Posted on 21st Dec 2012 by in Telecom

If you read the news as much as I do, you probably have seen a lot of advice about how to avoid having your financial details stolen this holiday season.  It’s true that conducting banking transactions or shopping online does make you vulnerable to cybercriminals lurking in the background.  But there are a lot of […]

Why searching for Euro 2012 and Whitney Houston could spell trouble


Posted on 11th Dec 2012 by in Enterprise

If you work in an office or have gathered information for a project, then you’ll have used Google at some point in your life. This also means that you might be partly responsible for the most searched-for topics and keywords in Google’s search engine over the last year. Google has brought out the list of […]