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Five top NFC transport networks


Posted on 23rd Oct 2015 by in Mobile

A growing number of public transport networks are experimenting with NFC and reaping rewards. We look at five global networks that are shining examples of innovation.

An EMV Bullseye: Taking chip card security one step further with the PIN


Posted on 1st Sep 2015 by in Financial Services

We have frequently written on the upcoming fraud liability shift in the U.S., and now, this change is imminent. We take a look at what this means for those in the U.S., reflecting on how other parts of the world have successfully implemented EMV technology.

What is the power of wireless modules in a connected world?


Posted on 24th Apr 2014 by in IoT

Most people have heard of M2M, the Internet of Things, connected devices and more by now. If you haven’t, then M2M World Congress, taking place over the next few days in London, UK, should be on your agenda. However, the technical details that enable our hyper-connected world – giving us smart energy, tracking and tracing […]

Explore your future digital and mobile lifestyle with Gemalto at GITEX to win iPad minis


Posted on 7th Oct 2013 by in IoT

Gemalto is back at GITEX with a whole new set of digital security innovations designed to bring trust and convenience to the digital world. From electronic ID cards, NFC mobile wallets to contactless transit tickets, we will be demo-ing the power of software platforms and hosted services that will shape the way your digital lifestyle […]

Contactless Challenge Day 5 – finding NFC venues


Posted on 24th Nov 2012 by in Mobile

We are now half way through the challenge. It is set to run until Wednesday at midnight when the final scores shall be counted and the winner of #GemaltoNFC announced. But that’s still some way off, and there are plenty more contactless challenges that our NFC battlers can complete. To summarize recent events, Ewan MacLeod […]

U.S. should follow Canada with EMV Dual-Interface payment cards


Posted on 2nd Jul 2012 by in Corporate

As you may remember, in 2005 U.S. card issuers launched contactless card technology that lets you pay at the point-of-sale with only a wave of your card.  Fast and easy, yes, but the cards never really took off to widespread adoption.  I’m still a big proponent of contactless technology, and the speed and convenience it […]

Contactless Payments


Posted on 17th Jan 2012 by in Mobile

Cyril Villeman explains the benefits of contactless payments for both customers and banks. Opening up the opportunity to offer new services, banks can acquire new customers by providing cards that offer secure contactless payment and access to physical locations at a flick of the wrist. See how it’s done here:  

Bringing Contactless EMV payment to Student ID Cards


Posted on 8th Dec 2011 by in Corporate

Santander Universities Global Division develops innovative new technlogies, including university smart cards. Vicente Prior de Castro describes the multiple uses for these ID cards, including the latest innovation, EMV contactless payment.

What are contactless stickers? How can you use them to pay?


Posted on 8th Jul 2011 by in Corporate

You may have seen our announcement yesterday with UniCredit in Slovakia where we were selected to supply stickers that contain a contactless payment function. These little beauties based on MasterCard PayPass technology can be stuck to any object turning it into a banking card. This means you no longer have to leave the house with […]

The state of online banking in the Americas


Posted on 7th Jul 2011 by in Corporate

The Americas are no different from other parts of the world – online banking is becoming second nature. The latest instalment of our world tour of ebanking security features cases from across North & South America including Mexico and the USA.