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Security still the #1 barrier to cloud adoption


Posted on 18th Sep 2013 by in Enterprise Security

In the ever-changing technology landscape, one thing is for sure—the cloud is here to stay, and it can be a massive-scale opportunity for technology service providers.  Gartner predicts that the worldwide market for cloud computing will grow 18.5 percent this year to $131 billion.  Even though usage of cloud services is growing remarkably, there are […]

m-ID pilots and overcoming obstacles – Question from Zack Martin, NFC News


Posted on 26th Feb 2013 by in Corporate

Continuing our series of answering questions posed by mobile influencers to coincide with MWC 2013, Zack Martin, of NFC News, asked us: Many European countries have e-ID programs in place, are there any pilots in place to move away from smart cards and put these credentials on mobile devices?  What are some of the obstacles around placing […]

Making federal government mobile


Posted on 11th Dec 2012 by in Corporate

Mobile was a hot topic at this year’s Smart Card Alliance Government Conference, held in Washington D.C.  Like other enterprises, federal government agencies want employees to have the convenience and productivity gains of smartphones and tablets, as well as the potential cost savings of bring your own device (BYOD). Meeting this challenge, however, involves finding […]

Are we seeing the death of the password?


Posted on 5th Sep 2011 by in Enterprise Security

Joey Muniz (The Security Blogger) wrote recently about how it is becoming increasingly straightforward for potential hackers to find out your passwords, due to the predictable nature of way people select a password. This useful cartoon from xkcd shows how easy it can be to obtain passwords, also suggesting a simple way in which to […]

Fax for the memories


Posted on 9th May 2011 by in Corporate

Last week, I was perplexed to have someone ask me: ‘What’s your fax number?’. The relative novelty of receiving a fax led us to wonder why, in this digital age, they are not now totally obsolete? The answer: signatures.

Top tips for a multi-layered authentication scheme


Posted on 13th Apr 2011 by in Corporate

Thinking about adding extra security to your network access? Not sure when to go beyond OTP? Want something stronger for your CEO and IT Managers but heard its complicated? Here are our 4 top tips for a multi-layered approach.

Leaks and Breaches, and Hacks, Oh My!


Posted on 7th Apr 2011 by in Corporate

To borrow another sentiment from the Wizard of Oz, we’re not in Kansas anymore. It seems the last six months have been filled with news of significant compromises to what was traditionally thought to be secure data exchanges and data stores. With these threats combined with regulatory pressures, increased cyber-terrorism and waning consumer confidence, layered security is no longer a nice to have – it is a must.

Protecting companies high-risk users with certificate-based authentication


Posted on 30th Mar 2011 by in Corporate

As with all subjects in the wider IT world, security is not static, therefore, no company is immune to attack. We believe that the increasing sophistication in persistent and evolving attacks aimed at corporations calls for heightened security, at a minimum for companies’ high-risk populations