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Fraud doesn’t spread holiday cheer – the Naughty and Nice of online retail….


Posted on 24th Nov 2015 by in Financial Services

With the holidays approaching, more and more people are shifting online to buy their gifts. Learn how fraudsters on the naughty list impact holiday cheer and how we can secure your online shopping.

Why we need more than EMV alone to tackle the cost of CNP fraud


Posted on 20th Nov 2015 by in Financial Services

In this post, we explore why it’s so important to combat CNP fraud, the costs it invokes and why we need more than just EMV to prevent a continued rise in fraudulent transactions.

Why strong authentication is crucial for more flexible work


Posted on 13th Nov 2015 by in Enterprise Security

In this post, we look at why is it so important that security solutions adapt to the mobile workplace.

Frictionless Payments: EMV and Beyond


Posted on 10th Nov 2015 by in Financial Services

See what we learned at Money20/20 and how we can continue to innovate in secure payments.

Securing the Next Generation of Trusted Payments


Posted on 20th Oct 2015 by in Financial Services

With the shift to EMV, the future of payments is upon us. In this post, learn how we can secure online payments, mobile payments and everything in between.

Why we need to rethink security in a mobile-first world


Posted on 19th Oct 2015 by in Mobile

Now that smartphones are overtaking laptops as the number one way to get online, we look at how and why mobile security needs to catch up.

Top 3 Industrial IoT segments that need Secure Elements


Posted on 14th Oct 2015 by in IoT

Secure Elements are essential to laying a foundation of trust and enabling new IoT business models. In this post, we’ve highlighted the top three segments of the Industrial IoT where using Secure Elements is the key to building trust and enabling new business and services.

How can we protect the future of eCommerce from Card-Not-Present fraud?


Posted on 13th Oct 2015 by in Financial Services

To counter the growth of CNP fraud, we’ve developed DCV (Dynamic Code Verification).

An EMV Bullseye: Taking chip card security one step further with the PIN


Posted on 1st Sep 2015 by in Financial Services

We have frequently written on the upcoming fraud liability shift in the U.S., and now, this change is imminent. We take a look at what this means for those in the U.S., reflecting on how other parts of the world have successfully implemented EMV technology.

Want to hear Gemalto speak at SXSW? Vote now!


Posted on 18th Aug 2015 by in Corporate

The South by Southwest Interactive Festival returns to Austin, TX in 2016 to present cutting-edge innovation and discuss the future of technology. During the week-long event, attendees hear from the brightest minds in the industry. Sounds like we should be there, right?