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EMV Payment Security Hits US National Spotlight


Posted on 29th Jan 2014 by in Corporate

EMV payment technology has finally gotten its big break in the US in the way of national news coverage. After several recent high-profile payment card data breaches, more Americans have started to ask whether it’s time for the US to abandon magnetic stripe payment technology in favor of more secure EMV. Yes, it’s time. For more […]

A smarter US social security card


Posted on 20th Jun 2013 by in Corporate

The United States social security card dates back to 1936 and it hasn’t changed much since then. A small piece of paper the size of a ticket stub holds one’s social security number that is an American’s life line for identity verification, employment eligibility, and citizenry. The paper card is not quite up to date […]

CJIS Mandate Update: Law Enforcement Organizations Get More Time to Move to Advanced Authentication


Posted on 16th Apr 2013 by in Enterprise Security

Law enforcement organizations looking for the best solution to move to advanced authentication and meet the CJIS mandate have received some good news: they now have until 2014. CJIS is the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS). It is the primary central repository for criminal justice information and the focal point […]

m-ID pilots and overcoming obstacles – Question from Zack Martin, NFC News


Posted on 26th Feb 2013 by in Corporate

Continuing our series of answering questions posed by mobile influencers to coincide with MWC 2013, Zack Martin, of NFC News, asked us: Many European countries have e-ID programs in place, are there any pilots in place to move away from smart cards and put these credentials on mobile devices?  What are some of the obstacles around placing […]

Making federal government mobile


Posted on 11th Dec 2012 by in Corporate

Mobile was a hot topic at this year’s Smart Card Alliance Government Conference, held in Washington D.C.  Like other enterprises, federal government agencies want employees to have the convenience and productivity gains of smartphones and tablets, as well as the potential cost savings of bring your own device (BYOD). Meeting this challenge, however, involves finding […]

Data Lockup: The FBI Moves to Advanced Authentication for Law Enforcement Organizations


Posted on 3rd Jul 2012 by in Enterprise Security

Terrorists. Organized crime and drug cartel kingpins. Fraudsters. Serial killers. Sex offenders. Name a criminal and there is one place you can find them all—the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS). After the 9/11 commission showed that terror attacks on the World Trade Center might have been prevented by better communication, […]

What does our future identity look like?


Posted on 14th Mar 2012 by in Corporate

Facebook and Google have been under the spotlight recently for the way they deal with online identities. These are just some of the most high profile examples, but have helped drive heightened awareness of our online identities and privacy settings. This week’s SXSWi is understandably awash with debates about what the future might look like […]

Digital Turkey: the growth of contactless payments


Posted on 10th Feb 2012 by in Corporate

In the final installment of our series on Digital Turkey, we’ll take a look at the evolution of contactless cards in Turkey. As our previous articles have shown, Turkey is years ahead of many of its European neighbors when it comes to the adoption of numerous technologies, and contactless is no exception. Turkey has the […]

Bringing Contactless EMV payment to Student ID Cards


Posted on 8th Dec 2011 by in Corporate

Santander Universities Global Division develops innovative new technlogies, including university smart cards. Vicente Prior de Castro describes the multiple uses for these ID cards, including the latest innovation, EMV contactless payment.

Can Smart Cards Save the Medicare System 30 Billion Dollars Per Year?


Posted on 3rd Oct 2011 by in Corporate

Fraudulent claims and identity theft are widely known as the bane of the Medicare system, as it suffers more than $60 billion in fraud every year through practices like phantom billing and durable medical equipment fraud.   The system in place pays first, and then chases the fraud after the fact.  Wouldn’t it be better to […]