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Apple iCloud and the future of authentication


Posted on 1st Jun 2011 by in Corporate

In an increasingly digital and cloud-based world, as we hand over our relationship status and birth dates to Facebook, log our whereabouts on Twitter and Foursquare, upload our photos to Flickr and work off the corporate network from an airport, café or at home, there is one thing we refuse to let go of: gadgets.

Save a Whale… Save your Job!


Posted on 31st May 2011 by in Corporate

When I refer to a whale, I am referring to your boss or, in some cases, you! A whale in information security lingo is a person with significant assets or access and whaling (as outlined by Bob Violino on CIO) is but one of many types of cyber attacks that are evolving. From phishing and pharming to spear phishing, the list goes on.

Are You Prepared For The Cloud?


Posted on 26th May 2011 by in Corporate

The other cloud, that is! Iceland has captured the headlines again this week with another volcanic eruption causing chaos for European travelers. This once again shows how important it is that employees can continue to be productive even when stranded in a remote location. For President Obama, who is spending the week in Europe, this […]

Infosecurity’s ‘perfect storm’ has arrived


Posted on 29th Apr 2011 by in Corporate

Spoiler: passwords may finally be swept away !

Smart Badge Holder wins an award at Cartes in Asia


Posted on 29th Mar 2011 by in Corporate

Wow! Our first time at Cartes in Asia and we won an award!

What you can expect to see from us at the RSA Conference


Posted on 15th Feb 2011 by in Corporate

while most people were out procuring last minute Valentine’s Day gifts, Gemalto, and our team, were heading to San Francisco to participate in the 20th annual US RSA Conference. This morning, live from the show, we announced a couple of exciting new initiatives with Microsoft.