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Five top NFC transport networks


Posted on 23rd Oct 2015 by in Mobile

A growing number of public transport networks are experimenting with NFC and reaping rewards. We look at five global networks that are shining examples of innovation.

Why we need to rethink security in a mobile-first world


Posted on 19th Oct 2015 by in Mobile

Now that smartphones are overtaking laptops as the number one way to get online, we look at how and why mobile security needs to catch up.

Our MWC25 winner


Posted on 14th Apr 2015 by in Mobile

The results of our MWC 2025 competition

How does Back to the Future’s Hill Valley 2015 compare to today’s reality? Part 2: Connected Cars and Wearable Tech


Posted on 3rd Mar 2015 by in Mobile

In part 2 of special MWC blog series, we look at the predictions Back to the Future Part 2 made for connected cars and wearable technology

Three things we’ve learnt about connecting consumer electronic devices from Ernst & Young


Posted on 18th Feb 2015 by in Mobile

To help understand how Mobile Network Operators view the connected consumer electronics market we’ve sponsored the “on demand subscription management” study from Ernst & Young. Here are the key findings…

Connected cars are big business for multiple sectors


Posted on 22nd Dec 2014 by in Mobile

The hot topics of the connected car sector: embedded connectivity, the right connectivity hardware, data privacy protection

Best of the IoT Twitterverse from November


Posted on 10th Dec 2014 by in IoT

We’ve brought together the best of the IoT Twitterverse from November in honor of those who entered our #IoT Maker Challenge.

NFC payments are back in the limelight as U.S. gears up for Money20/20


Posted on 31st Oct 2014 by in Financial Services

This is an especially exciting time in the payments industry, as the EMV migration is sweeping through the U.S. and mobile payments are poised to explode.  Business Insider recently predicted that in-store mobile payments will grow by 42X over the next 4 years.  Having been a part of the NFC from its infancy, we’re proud […]

The Security Pyramid: Building a Base for Global NFC Adoption


Posted on 21st Oct 2014 by in Mobile

Trust is a critical part of security and therefore, a key component in the widespread adoption of mobile payment technology. How can businesses build a secure environment to assure consumers?

Gitex 2014: Digital Strategies, from marketing to engagement


Posted on 17th Oct 2014 by in Mobile

A multi-screen and multi-platform world can lead audiences to Attention Deficit Disorder. The days of monologue communication is over and we have entered the era of engagement and dialogue, but today, with online and mobile channels on all the time, the dialogue never stops.