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Personal Cloud computing – A Luxury or Necessity?


Posted on 29th Jul 2013 by in Telecom

Personal cloud applications and services are on the rise, but has it hit the mainstream audience yet? With an increased number of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and a plethora of other connected devices (including the growing number of smaller devices with less physical storage space), personal clouds are becoming more than a luxury. […]

(Don’t) keep it to yourself: mobile cloud sharing is on the rise


Posted on 22nd Apr 2013 by in Telecom

We recently conducted a survey in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa looking at the state of back-up and sharing uptake and concerns from a consumer perspective.  We found a huge demand (and opportunity for MNOs) for personal cloud services, including sharing services. 73 percent of survey respondents said they would use sharing services if […]

Happy birthday cell phone call


Posted on 3rd Apr 2013 by in Telecom

Today marks 40 years since the first mobile phone call was made. Picture the scene: Marty Cooper of Motorola stood in front of a bunch of reporters in New York and used a handheld device to call the fixed line phone of Dr Joel Engel, then of Bell Labs. While it was not the very […]

Facebook on your mobile – globally


Posted on 26th Mar 2013 by in Telecom

Facebook mobile usage recently surpassed the number of users checking Facebook on the web. Mark Zuckerberg himself referred to the social network as a ‘mobile company’ and it’s hardly surprising given the number of users connecting on the go. With any major success story comes opposition, however, which manifests itself in cries and complaints of […]

BYOD: The Solution to Password Problems?


Posted on 19th Mar 2013 by in Enterprise

What does the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend have to do with solving the password problem?  It may actually be the solution.  In fact, the solution is probably already in the hands of your employees—their mobile smartphones. A recent report by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) noted a startling 30% of PCs worldwide are […]

Mobile World Congress Keynote 1: Mobile Operator Strategies


Posted on 25th Feb 2013 by in M2m

We’ve already blogged about handset manufacturers and innovators in the mobile space, but where would be without the mobile operators? In the opening keynote of 2013’s Mobile World Congress, CEOs from some of the world’s largest and most important operators discussed the challenges and opportunities ahead for the mobile industry. Here are some of the […]

Why LTE is not just a sprint


Posted on 18th Feb 2013 by in Telecom

With all the buzz around 4G and LTE coming to a town near you (if you live or work in the US or UK), and prior successes emanating from Norway, Japan and South Korea, we should be excited about the opportunities being made available to us with these infrastructure upgrades. However, recent research shows that […]

How to be smart with dumb phones


Posted on 6th Feb 2013 by in Telecom

I expect many of our readers will know someone who either gave or received a smartphone over the last few months. They’re ubiquitous these days and I’ve even seen kids who can’t be more than two or three years old using a smart device. Thomas Husson blogged for Forrester on mobile trends from 2012 at the end […]

4G – now also in the UK


Posted on 23rd Jan 2013 by in Telecom

It has been available in South Korea for years and in Norway since 2009. Japan launched LTE in 2011 and the US has been shouting about its own successes in delivering LTE these past few years too. Now, 4G is finally also available in the UK. A 4G mobile network, the successor to 3G, launched […]

CES 2013: predicting NFC in all its glory


Posted on 7th Jan 2013 by in Corporate

Happy New Year! As you wrapped up your holiday shopping and bought all the new gadgets for your loved ones last month, did you wonder at all what new and exciting technologies are in store for 2013?  I always do, but I also know that with a new year comes International CES, the world’s largest […]