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The mobile money opportunity: latest stats and challenges for 2015


Posted on 28th Aug 2015 by in Mobile

With mobile-based money transfers expected to increase by 150% this year, we look at what’s driving growth and what MNOs have to gain

GITEX 2013 – From tweets to iPad minis


Posted on 25th Oct 2013 by in IoT

After a week of innovative technology demonstrations, packed conferences and inspiring speeches, GITEX 2013 is today drawing to a close. In addition to the end of the exhibition, this day also marks the close of our GITEX iPad Mini competition. Throughout the week, we’ve been on the look-out for the most insightful tweets about our […]

Google’s Inactive Account Manager handles Data after Death


Posted on 15th Jul 2013 by in Corporate

Last year I discussed the problem of what happens to our digital assets after our lives come to an end. If you haven’t read the post you can find it here. There are already, well documented online services that offer users the chance to live on through their social media threads. Kate Freeman of Mashable, […]

Could your password crash the market?


Posted on 25th Apr 2013 by in Enterprise Security

As recently reported, a hacked tweet from The Associated Press sparked mass market hysteria as it incorrectly reported that President Barack Obama had been injured in an explosion. This led to a brief sell-off in US markets and a blip in share prices. Social media is fast gaining traction in the business world, with investor […]

CARTES America 2013: Gemalto Answers Banks’ Pressing Questions on Payments, EMV, and Social Media


Posted on 23rd Apr 2013 by in Enterprise Security

This week we’re joining our colleagues in the smart card and financial industries at CARTES America,  in Las Vegas.  CARTES is a great chance for us to listen and learn from our peers, and share some of our own experiences.  This year, we’ll be exhibiting some of our latest technologies at Booth 213, and presenting […]

What are you revealing online?


Posted on 27th Dec 2012 by in Enterprise Security

Social networks have led us to share more than perhaps others would care to know: your state of mind at that party last week; the apple pie you just baked; or the exciting fact that gray clouds are hovering overhead. But there are people out there who are very interested in seeing exactly what you […]

Smartphones and Social Media Play Big Role in 2012 Presidential Election


Posted on 20th Nov 2012 by in Mobile

The 2012 U.S. Presidential Election is over, and President Barack Obama has been re-elected.  Whether you voted blue or red, one thing has become apparent after the election – your smartphone and social media will have played a big role. Whilst we already looked at how different social media tactics might shape the election result, […]

Electing new security leaders


Posted on 6th Nov 2012 by in Corporate

Change is happening. We are in the process of electing a new leader here in the US, which will have global ramifications and it’s an election that is being very closely watched and followed, including on social media. However, it’s not the only important appointment that is being made – remember last month when Neville […]

How important is social media in deciding the US election?


Posted on 6th Nov 2012 by in Corporate

As part of our investigation into ‘Digital USA’, we put together an article on the differing social media strategies of the two US presidential candidates. Referring to 2012 as ‘The Second Social Election’, it compares the revolutionary Twitter campaign run by Obama in 2008 to the far more sophisticated approach of both candidates this time […]

What defines your personality?


Posted on 31st Oct 2012 by in Corporate

Consider that we recently hit the seven billion population mark globally (and it’s still growing) and you’ll understand why defining personal identity is such an important issue today. That’s why we work with governments, banks and card merchants worldwide to help ensure that every individual has their own proof of identity so they can be […]