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Cyber Security Awareness Month


Posted on 9th Oct 2012 by in Corporate

This October marks the ninth annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), this month is a time to raise awareness about protecting yourself and your information online. As the presidential election […]

Are banks social enough for social media?


Posted on 2nd Oct 2012 by in Corporate

Historically banks have been reluctant to warm up to social media as a means of communication and customer service. However, if the proliferation of conferences on the subject is anything to go by e.g. Bank Innovation (USA), Social Media in Payments (UK) & the upcoming Social Banking forum in Paris, then it looks like the […]

Does mobile performance deserve a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics?


Posted on 31st Jul 2012 by in Mobile

So, for all those interested, the 2012 Olympics are fully underway in the UK. Sports enthusiasts around the world are following their favorite disciplines and notching up the medals each athlete is winning. If the Beijing Olympics were called the first ‘Digital Olympics’, the 2012 are angling for the first ‘Social Olympics’ tag. And so […]

Visa Strives to Make 2012 Olympics Cashless


Posted on 27th Jul 2012 by in Corporate

Athletes at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games can leave their ATM cards at home for 2012. For this one, we’re going cashless. As you probably know, the Games are always big revenue-generating events, and with that, London is poised to benefit.  According to the MasterCard Global City Index, “London is the hottest city […]

Social media in payments: why has it taken banks so long to go social?


Posted on 25th Jul 2012 by in Corporate

Last month I was honoured to be invited along to speak at an event in London to talk about the importance of social media to today’s businesses, particularly those in the financial sector where, as a phenomenon, it is often overlooked. We also heard interesting presentations from Tracy Glynn, John Hartley, Christophe Langlois, Thomas Messett, […]

Smartphone Security: The Power of Small, Smart… and Safe


Posted on 20th Jun 2012 by in Corporate

Smartphones are spreading like wildfire, with Australia, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Saudi Arabia and the UAE all boasting smartphone adoption rates above 50% and, according to Nielsen in February 2012, almost half of all US mobile subscribers now also own smartphones – an increase of 38% compared with 2011. Smartphones are fast replacing feature phones and […]

LinkedIn security breach: What’s your password?


Posted on 7th Jun 2012 by in Enterprise Security

Another major breach was announced in our social media world today. This time LinkedIn was the target and more than six million users are the potential victims. A Russian hacker claims the theft of 6,458,020 encrypted LinkedIn passwords and to prove it, posted the passwords on his website (thankfully without usernames). In addition, he asked […]

What’s more important than social media or cloud computing? Mobile security.


Posted on 27th Apr 2012 by in Corporate

According to a private survey of B2B companies by SAP, social media and cloud computing rank as important tech trends to watch, but the most important is (drum roll): mobile. What? But there’s no massive paradigm shift, or the chance to spawn hundreds of new startups! No, it seems that we are just simply on […]

Social Media Week hits Paris


Posted on 15th Feb 2012 by in Corporate

2011 represented a sea change within personal and corporate use of social channels with 10,000 tweets per second being sent during the recent superbowl while digital marketing and social media investments by companies are up even in an economic downturn. This evening I’ll be giving Gemalto’s view on social media use as part of Social Media Week

The art of a technology blog


Posted on 11th Jan 2012 by in Corporate

It’s always pleasing to see creative, informed content get the recognition it deserves, particularly in the world of social media so I decided to look at some of the security, telecoms and emerging tech blogs that we’ve been following here at Gemalto.