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Year End Wrap-Up: Our Favorite Digital Security Moments from 2012


Posted on 24th Dec 2012 by in Corporate

Happy holidays!  By now you have likely bought the gifts, sent the cards, and decorated the house.  Before we know it, 2013 will be here.  But before we look ahead to the New Year, let’s take a moment to look back over 2012.  And what a year it was!  Looking over our blogs, 2012 was […]

Tis the Season for… Online Fraud?


Posted on 21st Dec 2012 by in Mobile

If you read the news as much as I do, you probably have seen a lot of advice about how to avoid having your financial details stolen this holiday season.  It’s true that conducting banking transactions or shopping online does make you vulnerable to cybercriminals lurking in the background.  But there are a lot of […]

Welcome the Ninja Mustangs: The Worst Passwords of 2012


Posted on 1st Nov 2012 by in Enterprise Security

SplashData has released its list of the 25 worst passwords of 2012, including the usual suspects: ‘password’ (again, staggeringly, at the top of the list), 123456, and abc123. The list is quite similar to the one I discussed last year, albeit with a few arbitrary additions, such as “welcome”, “jesus”, “ninja”, “mustang”, and the ever […]

Are UK companies being left vulnerable by their CIOs?


Posted on 23rd Oct 2012 by in Enterprise Security

We had a great reaction from our followers on our research into the issues that are keeping CIOs awake at night. Here on the blog we discussed the findings across the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the USA and the Nordics. Let’s take a look the UK findings in more detail. If you’ve seen or shared […]

Is Bruce Willis trying to take a byte out of Apple?


Posted on 7th Sep 2012 by in Corporate

In his iconic role as cop John McClane, star of the Die Hard series, Bruce Willis became renowned for foiling the antics of some of Hollywood’s most notorious bad guys. But, according to recent reports, Bruce has now set his sights on an altogether different opponent. A number of news organisations across the globe have […]

TechEd 2012 – Were you there?


Posted on 3rd Aug 2012 by in Enterprise Security

Microsoft may not be renowned for throwing wild parties, but when you gather over 7,500 people in Amsterdam for a week, you’re bound to come back with some stories. I had the pleasure of attending Microsoft’s TechEd conference last month, an event dedicated to conferences, workshops and hands-on sessions with IT professionals and developers. Nestled […]

Who’s really in charge when it comes to security?


Posted on 29th Jul 2012 by in Enterprise Security

In the latest of our series of blog posts looking at the results of our recent CIO research, we take a look at the thorny subject of who is ultimately responsible for information security within an organization. Prevailing trends in technology would suggest that maintaining control of IT security is becoming an ever more difficult […]

To BYOD or not to BYOD – A CIO headache


Posted on 11th Jul 2012 by in Enterprise Security

The next in our series of blog posts looking at the security issues affecting CIOs in the modern era focuses on the rise of personal internet devices being used at work. In fact, there’s a good chance you’re reading this post on a personal device, perhaps on an enterprise internet connection? It’s something we’re all […]

How much control do CIOs have over confidential information shared by their executives? – Question from Ardaman Kohli


Posted on 28th Jun 2012 by in Enterprise Security

Following on from our recent post on who is responsible for the security function, here is the second in our series of posts revealing the results of our research into the attitudes of CIOs. Next on our agenda is the above question from Ardaman Kohli. It’s true that it doesn’t matter how secure CIOs themselves […]

Who is principally responsible for managing IT security in companies? – Question from Martin McKeay at Network Security Blog


Posted on 18th Jun 2012 by in Enterprise Security

Those with long memories may recall our call-out a few months ago asking for readers’ questions on global CIO’s attitudes towards security. We wanted to find out the burning security issues which are affecting CIOs today and we received a lot of interesting responses from readers and influencers who had their own questions that they […]