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Our MWC25 winner


Posted on 14th Apr 2015 by in Mobile

The results of our MWC 2025 competition

Five lessons for financial sector leaders in developing services for the future


Posted on 14th Apr 2015 by in Financial Services

The youth are, as they say, the future. What then should banks be doing to ensure they are developing the right services for when they grow up?

How can mobile empower customer retention and growth for banks?


Posted on 10th Apr 2015 by in Financial Services

Trust in banks is still tentative, making retaining customers hard and growth even harder. We discuss how mobile can help.

Singapore shows us the future of banking


Posted on 31st Mar 2015 by in Financial Services

Singapore, one of the most technologically advanced nations on earth, has enthusiastically adopted mobile banking. What can the rest of the world learn from their attitudes to banking?

How does Back to the Future’s Hill Valley 2015 compare to today’s reality? Part 2: Connected Cars and Wearable Tech


Posted on 3rd Mar 2015 by in Mobile

In part 2 of special MWC blog series, we look at the predictions Back to the Future Part 2 made for connected cars and wearable technology

More than EMV: President Obama’s executive order paves the way for more secure online services


Posted on 22nd Oct 2014 by in Corporate

Last week President Obama signed an executive order that is getting a lot of attention for mandating “Chip & PIN” EMV technology for all federally-issued payment cards and terminals.  My colleague, Philippe Benitez, wrote a great piece about it here. It’s understandable that EMV is in the spotlight these days as the entire nation is […]

The Security Pyramid: Building a Base for Global NFC Adoption


Posted on 21st Oct 2014 by in Mobile

Trust is a critical part of security and therefore, a key component in the widespread adoption of mobile payment technology. How can businesses build a secure environment to assure consumers?

This week in M2M – connected boats


Posted on 3rd Oct 2014 by in IoT

After connected boats, what’s the next “thing” that you’d like to see in the Internet of Things? Our #IoTMaker challenge continues

Introducing the Gemalto #IoTMaker Challenge


Posted on 29th Sep 2014 by in IoT

Can you come up with the next great idea for the Internet of Things? Submit your #IoTMaker Challenge ideas for the chance to win an iPhone 6

Gemalto M2M Fact or Fiction Quiz: Can you spot tech reality from science fiction?


Posted on 23rd Sep 2014 by in IoT

Machine to Machine (M2M) technology is getting more column inches than ever thanks to an explosion of news about the Apple Watch, and more generally, the way that wearable technology and home automation technology is making the internet of things a reality. Most of us know about the huge potential health and fitness apps have […]