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Enterprise security – a German perspective


Posted on 28th Dec 2012 by in Enterprise Security

As part of our series looking at CIO views on security we are also interested in different country attitudes to IT security. As a global organization with offices worldwide, we know only too well how different nationalities and cultures bring a wealth of opinion, experience and perspectives to the table. So, let’s take a look […]

America – the land of the free?


Posted on 19th Dec 2012 by in Enterprise Security

If you’ve been following our recent CIO series on the Gemalto blog you may be wondering how the US fares when it comes to enterprise security. In comparison with the UK, France, Germany and the Nordics, the US establishes itself as a land of caution, influenced by the lessons learned from recent security breaches around […]

Multi-factor authentication – protect your digital life


Posted on 3rd Sep 2012 by in Enterprise Security

Wired’s Mat Honan recently had his ‘digital life’ destroyed when his Google, Twitter and Apple accounts were all compromised. The story spread like wildfire across the internet as an example of how seemingly small security lapses can leave every one of your online properties at risk. You can read about Mat’s experiences via the link […]

Can a website tell you when it’s time to change your password?


Posted on 20th Jul 2012 by in Enterprise Security

This week has seen yet another study highlighting the inherent dangers of securing your personal information with just a password. According to research from Experian, the average internet user in the UK has just five different passwords, despite having 26 different online accounts. Indeed, a quarter use just one password for most of their logins. […]

Who has the X Factor?


Posted on 16th Jul 2012 by in Enterprise Security

In the latest of our posts looking at results of our recent CIO Research project we’re focusing on multi-factor authentication. 38 percent of the CIOs we spoke to as part of our study said that recent, high-profile data breaches experienced by other organizations had prompted them to increase their own security budget. This in itself […]

Data Lockup: The FBI Moves to Advanced Authentication for Law Enforcement Organizations


Posted on 3rd Jul 2012 by in Enterprise Security

Terrorists. Organized crime and drug cartel kingpins. Fraudsters. Serial killers. Sex offenders. Name a criminal and there is one place you can find them all—the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS). After the 9/11 commission showed that terror attacks on the World Trade Center might have been prevented by better communication, […]

LinkedIn hack sheds light on inherent weakness of passwords


Posted on 8th Jun 2012 by in Enterprise Security

Earlier this week, amidst reports that more than 6.5 million passwords may have been compromised in a hack of a LinkedIn database, I received several calls and emails from friends and family that feared the worst of their LinkedIn accounts, especially after LinkedIn’s Vicente Silveira took to the company’s blog to confirm the reports. Silveira […]

Apple Mac users beware – charting the unknown waters of malware


Posted on 18th May 2012 by in Enterprise Security

As a PC user who converted for a short time to Mac and came back to PC, I’m used to hearing the comments from Apple enthusiasts about the superior security and lack of virus threats on the Mac OS system.  I took some heat for my decision to return to a PC from my Mac […]

What does our future identity look like?


Posted on 14th Mar 2012 by in Corporate

Facebook and Google have been under the spotlight recently for the way they deal with online identities. These are just some of the most high profile examples, but have helped drive heightened awareness of our online identities and privacy settings. This week’s SXSWi is understandably awash with debates about what the future might look like […]

CES 2012: Intel launches ultrabook with NFC


Posted on 10th Jan 2012 by in Corporate

If you were on Twitter on 9th January during CES 2012 at the time of the Intel press conference you would have seen the Twittersphere explode following the unveiling of Intel’s new ultrabook. That wasn’t the reason for all the tweets, however swanky the ultrabook looks and feels. The reason, in my view, is that […]