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Power to the bank customer


Posted on 8th Nov 2011 by in Corporate

The Credit Union National Association recently reported that, in the month of October alone, more than 650,000 customers joined credit unions – which is roughly equal to all of the customers that moved in 2010 combined. Is this the return of the thrift bank?

US Card Fraud Disproportionately High Last Year


Posted on 4th Nov 2011 by in Corporate

As cited in a previous blog post, The Nilson Report has released its annual fraud figures, and they are a bit unsettling. The United States now accounts for 47 percent of global card fraud even though it generates only 27 percent of the total volume of purchase transactions. Why does the US have such a disproportionate percentage of fraud?

Video: Visa’s TIP program will accelerate EMV in the US


Posted on 13th Oct 2011 by in Corporate

Video interview with Jack Jania, SVP Secure Transactions in North America, discussing the push and pull factors which now guarantee EMV adoption in the US.

The (Payment) Times, They Are A-Changing


Posted on 16th Aug 2011 by in Corporate

You might recall my blog last month, “When in Rome, Have Your Card Declined,” when I lamented about the United States not following the rest of the world with EMV payment technology. Well, it looks like that is about to change. Last week, Visa announced plans to accelerate the migration to EMV chip technology and the adoption of mobile payments.

Who is to blame? Europol shuts down skimming


Posted on 21st Jul 2011 by in Corporate

For years, analysts and banking experts have been predicting that countries that move to EMV would likely see a decrease in card fraud; as a result, card fraud would migrate to areas that still maintain mag stripe technology.

When in Rome…Have your card declined


Posted on 13th Jul 2011 by in Corporate

They say “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” but on my last trip to Rome, that wasn’t so easy. I was in Rome, but unlike the citizens, I could not get cash out of an ATM because my magnetic stripe card wasn’t accepted. Some of the walk-up street access ATMs would only accept EMV chip credit and debit cards.

UNFCU Wins Big With America’s First EMV Program


Posted on 13th Jul 2011 by in Corporate

UNFCU and Gemalto celebrate the first year since the launch of United Nations Federal Credit Union’s (UNFCU) globally compliant chip and PIN credit cards with newly released results of the financial cooperative’s effectiveness study.

New FFIEC Guidelines: What’s Missing?


Posted on 12th Jul 2011 by in Corporate

Last week I blogged about how the new Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines were highly welcome and outlined what issues they would help address. Today I am continuing with the series on these guidelines by outlining what else they could (and perhaps should) have included.

New FFIEC Guidelines: What They Got Right


Posted on 8th Jul 2011 by in Corporate

A fortnight ago, I speculated on the next set of Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines, and what they might mean for security and authentication in the online banking industry. Last week, these guidelines were finally unveiled.

The state of online banking in the Americas


Posted on 7th Jul 2011 by in Corporate

The Americas are no different from other parts of the world – online banking is becoming second nature. The latest instalment of our world tour of ebanking security features cases from across North & South America including Mexico and the USA.