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David Tinjaca holds the position of Project Manager for the Government Programs business unit at Gemalto, where he has worked in the knowledge of information technologies, in software and infrastructure development, technology solutions for law enforcement, identity management through biometric elements and solutions for the issuance of national identity documents, business processes, as well as customer management. He has been part of the Gemalto team in Colombia for 18 years. He has implemented and provided solutions support for clients in Government and Private sector markets, which involve the clients’ own processes with solutions regarding the issuance of national identity documents, identification of people through their biometrics -iris, fingerprints, palms and face- supported by Automated Biometric Information Systems solutions (ABIS), following international standards in their integration. David has a degree in Business Administration from the Antonio Nariño University of Colombia, studies he later complemented with a Master's Degree in Project Management from the Institute for Lifelong Learning of the University of Barcelona.

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