European ITS Congress in Helsinki – Witness the world’s first eCall from Europe to Russia

Last updated: 13 December 2019

The European ITS Congress is now under way in Helsinki; as the annual meeting for the entire ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) community, it’s already attracted over 2200 transport technology professionals to the Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre. In addition to being a fantastic networking opportunity for anyone interested in ITS, it’s above all a chance to join the leaders of the industry, dedicated academics and those working in relevant public sector field for debate, analysis, information and innovation sharing, as well as workshops and speeches from the world’s best ITS experts.

However, the above attractions of the Congress are not the only reasons to attend. This year Gemalto is proud to announce a world first; the first simultaneous, live emergency eCall interoperability demonstration. Thanks to our new M2M modules, and MIMs (Machine Identification Modules), we’re now able to utilize interoperability between 112-based eCall and ERA-GLONASS in Helsinki and Moscow.

eCall is an electronic road safety system designed to automatically  call emergency services in case of a serious accident, even if the driver and passengers are unconscious. The moment a car’s eCall sensors register a severe impact on the car, 112 (the standard European emergency number) is dialled and alerts the nearest emergency services center. Furthermore, the call transmits the exact location of the accident as well as other crucial data. 112-based eCall is a European standard, whereas ERA-GLONASS is its Russian equivalent.

So what will this demonstration involve? And why is it so significant? The automotive electronics manufacturer, Fujitsu-Ten developed two separate vehicle equipment devices to handle emergency calls. One designed in accordance with 112-based eCall European standards, and the other according to ERA-GLONASS, the Russian standard for vehicle emergency calls. Both forms of eCall equipment contain Gemalto M2M Communication Modules and automotive grade MIMs (Machine Identification Module, A.K.A = M2M SIM Cards).

At the demonstration, and for the first time, two vehicles will be equipped with both types of eCall equipment. One of these smart cars is located in Helsinki, at the ITS Congress, whilst the other is located in Moscow, Russia. At Stand 24, Gemalto and its partners (Finland based VTT, Russia based GLONASSUNION, Japan based Fujitsu-Ten, Japan based FDK Corporation and UK based GenevaMicroSystems) will conduct live 112-based eCall and ERA-GLONASS in both countries, to showcase the potential of eCall interoperability.

And that’s not all, there are remote displays connected to the 112-based VTT PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point = public call center) located in Helsinki and to the Moscow-located GLONASSUNION PSAP (the Russian Public Safety Answering Point).

What’s even more exciting is this is only the tip of the ice-berg for M2M technology, the use of MIMs and the future of connected cars. Who knows where the calls will be from and to next year?

Will you be following or going to the European ITS Congress? If so, you can find us at stand H24.