What do young people expect from the smart cities of 2025? #CL2025

Last updated: 05 July 2017

CL 2025

Smart cities are the future. Already we’re seeing NFC technology adopted on transport networks, making the daily commute smoother than ever before. Mobile payment terminals are making shopping much speedier, as we saw in #MyNFCDay, while the advent of the connected car is set to revolutionize our ideas about car ownership. So, the big question is, what might a smart city look like in 2025?

As you’ll remember from our introduction to Connected Living 2025, we launched a survey of 1200 young people from across the globe, asking them what they expect from technology in a decade. The results were intriguing and revealed widespread enthusiasm for connected cars and greater connectivity on public transport. Young people want their cities to be smart.

CES 2016 was dominated by the connected car, with Microsoft showcasing their vision of an Office 365-equipped autonomous vehicle, and BMW launching their i8 Spyder car, which features the facility to control your car’s dashboard through hand gestures! And it’s not just the big corporations which are excited. Our Connected Living 2025 survey revealed that a majority of young respondents believe that cars will be autonomous and that car keys will be rendered obsolete by advances in authentication.

The connected car certainly raises all sorts of exciting questions relating to the future of driving, car ownership and road regulation, but one thing’s for certain – strong security solutions will be needed. Nevertheless, if our survey respondents’ predictions are accurate, driving in 2025 is set to be a wholly different experience.

We’ve previously discussed how NFC has benefited public transport networks, but if our respondents’ predictions prove to be accurate, it’s only the beginning. Young people don’t just believe NFC will be the primary ticketing option (56%), but they envisage a future where browsing the net on a smartphone is possible on the tube, smart screens show customized entertainment, and artificial intelligence gauges demand and frequency.

As you can see, there’s widespread enthusiasm among young people for smarter cities. To discuss the results, we’ll be holding a Twitter chat between some key experts on what the future holds. Applied Futurist, Tom Cheesewright, and Growth Marketer/TechCrunch columnist Dan Kaplan, will be joining the Gemalto team, Xavier Larduinat, Marketing and Communications Manager for Innovation, Manfred Kube, Head of M2M Marketing, and Frederic Martinent, Head of Product Marketing, to chat about connected living. Make sure you get involved by joining the #CL2025 chat on Thursday 11th February at 3pm GMT.

You can view the report here – tell us what you make of it by tweeting @Gemalto, contributing to #CL2025, or by posting a comment below.