Introducing 6 second predictions at MWC 2016

Last updated: 31 October 2019

Earlier this month, we revealed our Connected Living 2025 report, showing us what the youngest generation of mobile users expects from our connected world in 2025. The predictions and expectations are remarkable; some are very optimistic, while others are far more conservative.

To discuss the findings of the report, we hosted a live Twitter chat with a panel of experts in an effort to tackle some of the most difficult questions and predictions head on. The highlights of the chat included a discussion of how cash will be used in 2025, connected cars, healthcare, and the role of Artificial Intelligence.

Looking back on the chat and the surrounding discussions, it’s clear to see the debate could go on for a long time, perhaps until the actual year 2025, at which point we’d then finally know which predictions were right. So, to save on time, and to discover more insights, we’re inviting everyone to come to our stand at MWC this year and give us their six second prediction on what 2025 has in store for us all.

One the key participants in our Twitter chat, GadgetsBoy, has already given us his. See below.

Some key experts here at Gemalto have also chipped in. Below, you’ll see Manfred Kube predicts an invisible IoT, while Stephen Helm foretells a 50% reduction in road fatalities due to driverless cars.

What do you think? Do you agree with them? Come over to stand 5A80, Hall 5, and let us know. And if you aren’t at MWC this year, let us know on Twitter by tweeting to us at @GemaltoMobile. Feel free to create your own six second video of your prediction – we’ll share it and see what others think too!

The full Connected Living 2025 whitepaper is available for download here. It was based on our survey of 1200 young people across the globe, asking about their expectations of connected life in a decade. And for further reading, see our connected living blog series where we’ve covered some the findings in more detail; in particular, we assessed young people’s predictions for mobile authentication, connected cars, and the hyper-connected society of 2025.