8 fun things to do at MWC 2016

Last updated: 24 February 2016

There’s always a lot of entertainment on offer at Mobile World Congress; there’s almost too much to see and experience. As a result, it can at times be difficult to decide what you should see when you have some spare time. To help you solve his problem, we’ve given you a quick list of things to try when you have a chance.

  1. Play air hockey with a robot 

2. Cycle the fastest to earn yourself a free Garmin wearable


Garmin, in Hall 7, Stand 7O25MR, is giving away some free gear during MWC this year. All you have to do is compete (and win) against other attendees in the Cycle Challenge. Whoever covers the most ground in a 30 second race is the champion of the session and will be the proud new owner of a Garmin Vivosmart HR.

3. Be mesmerized by Vestel’s Ultra HD TVs

vestel ultra hd tv

Once again this year, we’re lucky enough to be next to the Vestel stand at MWC. It can be very distracting as their new ultra HD TVs are enchanting; the quality is so good, it does a times feel as if you’re viewing real life. If you do go over to the Vestel stand, make sure you don’t walk through a TV by mistake!

4. Travel to Six Flags in California and go on a roller coaster (virtually) with Samsung


Samsung has set up its own 4D VR theater here at MWC. As you can see in the Vine video above, the Gear VR Theater experience involves wearing Gear VR headsets, which remove you from reality and transpose you to the virtual world. Everyone is seated in special seat that has a hidden motor beneath them. Without leaving Barcelona, you can enjoy a roller coaster at Six Flags in California. It’s a stunning experience, especially if you’re a newbie to VR, and is definitely worth the wait in the queue (everyone wants a go).

5. Take a 360° sky-diving virtual reality tour of Catalunya 

virtual reality tour

The tourist board of Catalunya has taken a big leap into the future this year at MWC. They’ve partnered with Whiplash to offer attendees a virtual tour of the area, from the air. You can experience a sky dive over the beautiful land below without even leaving the Fira!

6. Play football with the Ubuntu robot


Barcelona is famous for its brilliant football team, which beat Arsenal 2-0 last night in London. So, it’s no surprise to see attendees playing football here at MWC. But, have you ever seen people play against a robot? You can now try this yourself if you head over to the Ubuntu stand. The robot is great, but not as skillful as Messi, so you should win!

7. Experience the IoT in virtual reality at the Gemalto stand


The IoT is all around us now, but have you ever experienced what the IoT has to offer in virtual space? You can now at the Gemalto stand. Come on over to 5A80 to discover how the IoT can make a business trip more convenient than ever before; through virtual reality, you can experience the not-too-distant future and see what your trip to MWC in 2025 will be like.

8. Drive a remote control car (without crashing)

While remote control cars aren’t new, they are still fun! So, come see our Secured ID car access demo, powered by the IoT, also at stand 5A80. Once you’ve securely access the car, you can then drive it around the stand. However, please be careful as it’s easy to crash into people, as you’ll see below.


So there you have it – eight easy and fun ways to spend your time at MWC. Do you agree with our selection? Or, do you think there are some other activities we should add to our list? Let us know by tweeting your thoughts to @GemaltoMobile or @Gemalto.