What you can expect to see from us at the RSA Conference

Last updated: 19 March 2014

Yesterday, February 14th, while most people were out procuring last minute Valentine’s Day gifts, Gemalto, and our team, were heading to San Francisco to participate in the 20th annual US RSA Conference. This morning, live from the show, we announced a couple of exciting new initiatives with Microsoft.

First, Gemalto now offers a one-time password strong authentication with Microsoft DirectAccess. Specifically, Gemalto’s Strong Authentication Server and Protiva OTP Tokens will now be offered with DirectAccess to allow for a more streamlined and efficient two-factor authentication for remote access to enterprise websites and applications. As we move forward in the digital age in which we live, telecommuting and remote access become essential tools for the modern employee. A Microsoft spokesperson said of the new offering:

“We introduced DirectAccess in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 to enhance enterprise productivity – mobile employees can always be connected and have the same user experience  as when they are in the office, while administrators can manage remote computers any time they are connected. Gemalto’s OTP solution complements our efforts by adding extra security without impacting productivity or IT infrastructure.”

Microsoft U-ProveGemalto also announced integration of our smart card technology with Microsoft U-Prove. U-Prove has been instrumental in the last year at guiding minimal disclosure security and including Gemalto smart card technology is continuing to push this form of online authentication forward. Microsoft invited Gemalto into their pavillion (#1517) at the conference to demonstrate the proof of concept offering. Craig Wittenberg, partner architect at Microsoft said:

“Gemalto and Microsoft are constantly endeavoring trust and privacy as a given for online identities and transactions. Adding Gemalto’s secure personal device to U-Prove delivers an easy and convenient solution, offering citizens the control and protection they desire.”

RSA is always a very educational conference, with hundreds of information technology experts gathering together to ensure that security remains at the forefront of the conversation in regards to private and public sector advances in e-services, remote computing, online authentication and identity protection. We are excited to be part of this conversation once again this year. And we are also very proud of our work with Microsoft. For more information on these announcements, visit us in the Gemalto press room. Or, if you are at the show, stop by Gemalto’s booth (#1945) to experience Gemalto security first hand.